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Did you watch the Cmovie about such story it’s on Viki. The child kidnapping in China is still big and it’s very sad and painful for the parents. I’m amazed giving the size of China’s population that some can be even found!

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I just added to my watchlist :wink: I will be watching it. :blush:

Spoiler - The movie

Uuugghh!!! He kept stopping the guy from meeting the lady. So frustrating!! My reasoning is, ok, he was so young, he might have gotten the information wrong over time. So, the lady might hurt after knowing he’s not her son. It’s better than, adding a, what if he was my son :pensive: :expressionless:


I haven’t yet, but it’s on my list :blush:.
Yeah, it’s crazy. I’ve seen at least 10 of these unification stories and a lot of parents are still trying to find their children. Just, crazy.

On the YT channel TreeMan they filmed actors trying to lure away a child (actor) in China to see how people would react and I was glad that most, if not all, of the people stepped in to interfere. Of course, the problem of kidnapping is a lot more known now, so people might step in quicker. Back then, it wasn’t as well know maybe?




I discovered a subreddit for dog and cow interactions.
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Elephants have a very good memory.



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