Put on a smile


Very enriching, and empowering shares :heart: :wink:



now you think I could passs this by??



Very cute :smile:

It’s quite cold today. Wish I could go to an onsen / hot spring bath.

This biopark made one for their capybara :laughing:



I really liked this video essay, even though I didn’t watch Doraemon




This friendship is so sweet :smile:



@feyfayer I know his series, I love his cats, his red tabby looks just like my cat Moses who passed away in 2012, I still miss him a lot, he was an extraordinary special cat to our family. If you look at my profile pic you can see him. He too had white in his face, white paws and white belly, long hair and he made many different sounds… he slept on my feet too… ah :disappointed_relieved:



He was very pretty :blush:
Pets have a very special place in our hearts :heart:


I think I’ve watched too many of these :rofl:
YT just keeps recommending them. I’m not mad :smile:


Having watched the whole process, even from them moving into their previous house, this made me happy for them :smile:. Living in your own house that you designed yourself is so nice :blush:

I can’t wait for season 2 :smile:

Do you like Lee Min ho?

Someone was sweet enough to take me somewhere I needed to be so I would avoid having to take public transportation. I was so grateful and they made my day!

This video happened to pop up in my YT recommends as I was trying to find a gift for them. They happened to mentioned something they really liked, but they haven’t bought due to the price. And that’s exactly what the conclusion of the video was :blush:.

The highlight of your day

Video is 12:17 :blush::blush::blush: Posted two weeks ago :blush:


She looks so much like her mother. I love how empathic the interviewer is.

I saw a video of a boy in China who was kidnapped (which is unfortunately more common than it should be) and he watched his mother on tv, trying to look for her birth son and he just wished that she would find her boy, not knowing that he’s that boy. These stories are amazing sometimes :smile:.


Oh the miracles that can happen, very touching story. :heart: This lady looks so young for her age of 54!


Wow feyfayer! Do you still have the link, could you share here?

I couldn’t agree with you more, the pain the mother lived with, despite her success in life. Her happy ending puts a smile on for sure! :blush:


Had to search for it, but found it :smile:

I mean, it’s happy news, but the video definitely made me cry, happy sad tears? :blush:


저도 요! So teary :blush: