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Really ! HOME! Hoop dancers are at almost every pow-wow on the reservations and at city pow-wows. Here are several other dance styles from different tribes in the United States. Here are some REAL dances from real nations.

Ok. This dance is called Duck and Dive. It is a northern plains traditional men’s dance that shows how they fought a battle. They drop on the loud beats, when they are ducking something and when they search around, etc.

Crow style Crow Hop ( Crow invented this dance and double beat music style) Crow tribe is from Montana. When was the last time I was at Crow fair??? 1994? 95? been awhile…

Jingle Dress Each jingle represents prayers. It originated with the Ojibway people. Minnesota up through Canada

Apache Crown Dance - White Mountain Apache - Arizona - A blessing for the people

Zuni Pueblo Buffalo dance - New Mexico

Hopi Eagle Dance - Arizona

Seneca Smoke Dance - New York - This is a social dance - when the air is stagnant in the long house you get the energetic people to get up and dance fast to get the air moving up and out the smoke hole.

Miwok dance at San Francisco State University in 2019 - Miwok nation is from the North Bay Area (California) and the Sierra Mountains. I moved to Idaho back in 1997 so I don’t knw any of these kids. That visor the men wear is made of madrone slats and flicker feathers. Only men can wear flicker feathers.

Pomo - Kule Loklo (Bear Valley) - Marin County - lol I used to go out there and learn how to make acorn mush, build tule houses, etc. all kinds of things. lol One time, we made a shade frame made form willow but we didn’t peel the bark and it ended up growing! so there is a living shade out there. :sunglasses: The big round house is so nice and cool inside on hot days.

Pomo - North of San Francisco, Petaluma area. Pomo baskets are some of the finest in the world.

Ohlone People are the first people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes, Ohlone are still very much here despite almost total land loss and being swallowed up in the larger population.
Aw. I haven’t been to a Big Time Gathering since I moved to Idaho. :disappointed_relieved:

My second mother is Ohlone from Union City.


Very cool. I watch a YouTube channel that’s about native things and they introduced a group of girls that wore jingle dresses and who do the jingle dance. Very interesting to learn about all of the different ways culture is preserved :blush:


Oh! You guys should know by now I am from San Francisco but my hubby is from Idaho. We lived in Fort Hall, Shoshone-Bannock reservation in Idaho. Here is a Shoshone style Men’s Traditional Chicken Dance. at the Fort Hall Festival

Jonathon Windy Boy vs Lee Jack - Grass Dance Tiebreaker @ Southern Ute Powwow 2019

Windy Boy is probably the most famous grass dancer around. 2019? I can tell the years are creeping up on him - we used to watch him dance back in the 90’s (giving away how old I am again. :joy:) but he is still excellent.


YT sometimes brings up something funny


That was cute :smile:
YT does has good recommendations from time to time :wink: