Put on a smile


That was my first thought too… not sure an otter makes a good house pet, unless it’s outdoors.

Wow, that was so well done, the outfits and the dancing, those guys were so cool!! They missed Oops I did it again :wink: They sell btw also merchandise with the print KPop you find the link on YT.


Smiled at so many things in this video (f.e. Simu, Steven, Phil & flashbacks to earlier YT) and the fact that he made such an elaborate boba :smile:.

Makes me want to make some boba too (I like making my own boba from time to time :blush:).


Still haven’t seen Shang Chi, but getting a lot of recommendations in my YT.

This interview was conducted very well though!



Are you the watermelon :watermelon:?


Lord I cannot even answer that! I can’t answer that…

Hahahahahaha! I didn’t even see what that said…:laughing:


The red dress :dress: is really more my style :blush:


Sure! :rofl: :laughing::grin::smile::joy:


Sewstine puts a lot of work in her projects. Everyone can like something :blush:
She also made an embroidery for Mr Yang’s Hanbok:

Warning: a lot of noise :laughing:


But yeah… silence your phones :laughing:


This makes me crazy! Someone was talking during the Nutcracker one time on their phone I almost SCREAMED!

Good for him!!!


Why do people do this? :unamused:
Haha yes, good for him indeed :joy: His face afterwards was also like… You done?


Just wait for it … :smile_cat:


I’m DYING! :laughing:


I love their chemistry :smile:
And he’s totally ready for Kimjang :rofl:


I used to sew clothing with mom when I was young, the dresses she makes are so elaborate, lots of work and detail… with that model to place parts on it makes it easier, we didn’t have one. - The lady is so funny, she’s trying to live in that period, lol, perhaps her soul lived in Victorian times :blush:


Well actually they aren’t trying to live in that time period, they just appreciate the clothes, fabrics, style and ways that the clothing from that time was made (made to last) :blush:

It’s a common misconception people have though :sweat_smile: I’m sure there are people who would want to live in that time period, but most people who wear vintage and time period clothes don’t :smile:


Well I meant like she likes that period a lot, I thought her furniture looked Victorian too… Obviously she’s living in today’s time, perhaps it’s like we like Asian dramas and a lot of things we do because of them, I’m not saying everyone but many… see Things that you want to purchase after watching a drama.