Put on a smile


Such an amazing story :open_mouth:


i will be watching that in a bit, awesome!!! crazy yes, but awesome!


wonder how we would act





Music is an universal language :laughing:


Can you imagine the stories those whales posted on their YouTubes, and discussions threads.





:rofl: :scream: :smirk: :rofl: :smile: :laughing: :grin: Yes. We MUST think of important things! :nerd_face:



🦥You’ll have more than a smile
in this YT shorts vid
🦥 :slight_smile::slightly_smiling_face::blush::blush:

Don’t tell me that was not a wave, and a smile thank you from the 🦥 slot :slightly_smiling_face::blush::blush::slightly_smiling_face:

Your laugh for the day


“Give your Thor muscles a break” :rofl:
I like it when smaller towns get attention like this :smile:


This was so sweet :smile:
Their channel also has a lot of social experiment videos, which can be heartwarming to watch :blush:

This one got me :rofl: The editor had fun :laughing:


Wow, those people on the subway were so accommodating for those poor ‘sleepy’ ladies. Their faces were priceless. :joy: I can’t believe one guy actually missed a stop for them! Would you be willing to do that for a stranger? A nice reminder that there IS good in the world.


I love Jun’s Kitchen ! LOVE LOVE LOVE him and his cats!!!


lets check out some beauty here

Dubai Miracle Garden [#art](


Wow, that’s pretty cool :smile:


Imagine visiting the same restaurant for 20 years :open_mouth:. This is one thing that I’ve missed in the past years - building personal relationships with the owners and staff of the places you love to visit. People have such amazing stories sometimes.