Put on a smile


A minute into her song her eyes almost pops out of her head when she spots her idol in the crowd, the lead vocal in a band called NovelBright.
She can’t finish the song fast enough :laughing:and thinks quick to sing one of their numbers.

The video overlaps with NovelBright’s impromptu video when he was just passing by.


They are both amazing :open_mouth:
Her little happy dance when he took over is such a mood :smile:


Such a lovely episode and I’m definitely going to try putting bananas in my oliebollen next time :smile:





I just had to put this one on!~!


Was in my YT recommends.
How is Twice already 6 years old? :open_mouth:

Still remember when their first music video came out and everyone was like: who are they? Cool concept.

It’s also funny how many of their songs were catchy to me or just totally not my style (almost 50-50 :sweat_smile:)


Didn’t know where to post it, but Put On a Smile seems fitting

2021 C-Drama & K-Drama Celebrity News

I hope they can live their lives in peace and that they’re happy with their new family :smile:


The ending was great :smile:


These cubs are already so big :open_mouth:
The last time I saw a video of theirs was a couple of months ago


I’ve seen too many dog tiktoks / reels on my feed :smile:
They are still cute though :blush:



In order of age

Eun Jiwon
Park Narae
Kim Heechul
Lee Seungi
Jo Bo Ah

Cast of New World :laughing:

I’m not mad at it :smile:


It’s just interesting to see how all of these animals eat :smile:

And Catherine :rofl:


:blush::blush::blush: :open_umbrella::umbrella::closed_umbrella::blush:
Video is 1:40 short


That’s really nice :smile:


Right! So very sweet of him,
while a sitting President :blush::blush::blush:


I don’t even recall seeing that on the news then


No one asked Mr Dyson about the amount of PPL in Kdramas? :laughing:
Missed opportunity.


One of my favorite GBBO winners :smile:
She’s had such a journey since winning.