Putting names in subbing-cred?

Hi! I have one question: Say one volunteer subtitled one episode all alone, or even an entire drama (might not happen often, but it does happen), is there a rule that the volunteer can’t put in their alias in one sub: (Your language) translation by: (your username)?
I mean, even professional subbers with pay put their names after each episode or at the end of the movie.
I realize it wouldn’t be possible to put in 10 or 20 volunteers’ names, but if one had done the translation alone, wouldn’t that be different?


We do give credit for people who worked on a drama. The English subs will contain credits for the English team, and the other languages put their teams there usually.

So what is your question exactly?

Okay, that’s what I was wondering, since I’ve never heard anything about it. I just wanted to know if there was a rule against it to not make any mistakes. Thank you for telling me!

Do you mean putting in an episode ‘Episode X subtitles provided by ‘heliolz’’ if you were the only subber? I think you could do that if you wanted. At the end of a drama it’s custom to include a thank you to all subbers of your language where you include all of their names.


Yeah, that’s what I meant. Thanks.

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Ι do hope you find some volunteers to form a team and help you, though. It will be too tough to do all the job by yourself.

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You can list all their names within the cover design. You can even list the top few who have completed most of the translation for the entire drama. You can also list all their names (of the entire team) within the last episode. Usually done in the last part of the last episode. The above is commonly done and should preferably be done. You can also go a step further as a channel manager (or chief editor) and mention such credit in your notification to the team.

Personally, I feel that not listing volunteers’ names, whether within the cover design or within the last episode or in both (which is commonly done), is not giving credit where credit is due.

It is not preferable (in the spirit of teamwork) to list such credit within every episode or any one episode prior to the last (if that’s what @heliolzz meant to ask), even if translation is done by only one or two translators. List their accomplishment and your appreciation within the cover design and/or in notifications, if you will as the channel manager, or if you will make the recommendation to the channel manager. I suppose these are the respective channel manager’s calls to make.

Yeah, it really is… I wish there were more volunteers in my country, but it seems we are few. I’ll keep on looking, though. And of course I hope that my translations will lead to a bigger interest in asian tv-shows in my country and that would also lead to more volunteers eventually. :slight_smile:

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Of course you can do it! :blush:

I put my nick all the time. I also write the name of my permanent translating team, as well as the Viki team for that drama. If somebody else translates the episode with me, I include their names and place them before my own.


<i>Prevele flamingheart i bozoli (Azijska svaštara)<br> za Gone with the Shirt Team @Viki.com</i>


<i>Translated by flamingheart and bozoli (Azijska svaštara)<br> for Gone with the Shirt Team @Viki.com</i>

I know that Spanish teams even translate the Viki team’s name to Spanish :smiley:

You have a disadvantage that Swedes are really good in English.


Hahah, yes in general, we are. :slight_smile:
This is also a disadvantage for the Swedes who really want Swedish subtitles, because I know there are. :confused:

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@heliolzz Ah… you are talking about Other Languages. I did not quite get your question. I was referring to English. In view of OL teams (especially the rarer languages) being small (usually one to two translators), it would be fine stating your name, and whoever else you partner with. Keep on spreading the love, your labor of love. May it become contagious and attract more volunteers to your OL community! :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly. I’m sorry for being vague. Thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile:

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I would love to help you, but I’m hesitant since Swedish is not my mothertongue …

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@mirjam_465 Let me know if you want to give it a try! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I would like to try. :slight_smile:

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