Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄


ok heres some salt dough

SALT DOUGH FOOTPRINT REINDEER…cutest ornaments!! Details:

[ SALT DOUGH FOOTPRINT REINDEER…cutest ornaments!! Details:

May be an image of food


You can also use cookies cut out forms and make a hole before baking or drying, the ones with starch are supposed to be more smooth…

Looks cute and seems easy… need to find candy canes…






campbell university




LaGuardia :airplane::christmas_tree: is already lit up, I’ll snap some pics later. BTW I greeted Santa Clause who came in my line of passengers. All naturally white, full beard, and mustache! :santa:t2: He didn’t even flinch, when I said, “Hello Santa Clause!” :rofl: He greeted, and smiled back, then focused on carrying on his journey. :oncoming_taxi: :taxi:

A decorated Gazebo, and one of the Terminals:


awesome leerla!

I go to a gym, “santa” often comes in, and seems he does a bunch of come see santa things as well


Cute, that must get everyone in the Christmas spirit!


just thought I would do this, since we mentioned the jolly ole elf





ok heres another one


OHHHH look it, so sneaky!!!





Wow…have you seen the prices of a tree that size now? $700 to $900 even a $1,000 by me. The small one that used to cost 15 dollars; is now $39.99, and the Christmas lights I bought for $7.99 cost now $19.99. I don’t know if I’ll put up a tree this year…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


well I don’t plan to put one up either, with no children here, I think that will be ok


I honestly don’t like the trees being over decorated when you barely see any green branches.

As for a compromised xmas tree, I did in past few times arranged just fir branches in either a vase or a pot and so it looks like a little tree and you can hang some decorations and it looks just as fine if not cuter. In past I just cut some hemlock branches from my yard but you can find some branches in the woods. Here they cut yearly some trees or branches to give light in the forest, so it’s easy to find some.

Here one of many possibilities :slight_smile:



Yesterday I picked up some cut branches from evergreens and pine cones… the rangers make piles with wood and branches a sort of boroughs for animals and what else, lol, there was a big pile of cut wood and barks so I grabbed a few to make an advent log with pine branch and candles, I’m drying orange slices and have some cinnamon sticks too… I’ll make for my sons as well something small. It’s such a different air in the forest, I saw all kinds of mushroom popping out (not edible). - I’m curious how it will turn out, but first I need to haul a sideboard made with beech wood I picked up at thrift store yesterday waiting in my car :sweat_smile:

To you all a very Happy First Advent :christmas_tree::candle:



I have snow outside and a fire burning in one of my tieled stoves but still I dont have the Christmas spirit It´s Advent so I might get it later on! I havn´t put up any ornaments yet but might look in the cupbords tomorrow. Realized the other day that there are those who like snow and winter but i´m not one of them. That said it´s a perfect time to cuddle on the sofa and watch movies and series here on Viki. :smiley:


It turned out really, really well @simi11, you could put it up on your site, or app store.

The lights at Citifield. My apologies for the camera quality.



That picture was from a website, if you click on the picture you’ll see the link. I finished mine an hour ago. I had some different ideas, but it turned out like this and I broke some ornaments… I have too many…


I like it! I say this quote below definitely applies!