Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄


Thank you, it’s a small log and it took me some time to level it… I thought I’d be done “quickly”… it’s all right… I haven’t gone through all my decorations/ornaments… but I think I won’t need it. I will do some small things for friends who don’t really decorate… :wink:


Try making an edible mini tree, with edible ornaments. Get creative! You’ll enjoy the process, and the reward of eating down a Christmas tree! :rofl:
:wink:Taking as long as you like, to take it down. :christmas_tree::smile:


You dont have pets do you? My dogs and cats would be so happy and there wouldn´t be anything on it for me… :rofl:


Nope, no pets. :rofl:


planning to in a few days, also the decorations


I have 6 dogs need and I love them but I gues it´s like having children they tend to eat anything that is forbidden… :smiley:




going to see if I can put the rest of my decorations up, I got one of those snow villages too, ,I put it on my bar… y’all have a great day!


and here we go!


that little tree behind my snow village lights up

see the cafe one, I put some music on there




If you would make an invitation for your and other families, you probably would sell more.


aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hot peppermint tea, and all I have is green tea


I love the brand, and their flavors, they are all so authentic!


and theres more, but I do like that flavor, peppermint, good relaxer


I’m bad, just had to do this one


heres another one



here kitty, here kitty


A Mcdonald’s Christmas meal! Merry Christmas!

Christmas dinner in a can :rofl:
Beats my McDonald’s Christmas meal, :joy: both in looks, and originality. :wink: