Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄


I love your cat in the Christmas tree pictures. I haven’t put up a full-sized Christmas tree since probably 2007 or 2008 partly for personal reasons and partly because in 2009 I moved to an apartment and didn’t have the room for it. Since I have now moved to a nearly 1500 sq ft house, I have more room so I put up a full-sized tree for Christmas. I have a half Siamese/half barn cat name Smokie that is very gentle and timid but I was leery that she would channel Paul Bunyon and attempt to crawl into the tree or enact some other cat mischief. I am very happy to report that most of the time, she lays on the tree skirt, typically when the tree lights are off, and quietly observes the room. She does get wound up once in a while with her cat nip mouse when it mysteriously bounces near the tree skirt and she feels the need to bat it around near and slightly under the tree skirt. It’s been fun watching her gently interact with a 6’ tall tree. :slight_smile:


same here, just do decorations


We used to put up the christmas tree but I haven’t done it in awhile.






anyone? I wait till Jan 6 to take down decorations, an old tradition, “old Christmas”


I once took decorations down twenty days after Christmas as it was a tradition but nowadays I don’t put up as much so it doesn’t really matter when I put it all away. ,:slightly_smiling_face:


This will tell you everything:

When I start putting up my Christmas decorations every year, my son usually says to me, “Looking forward to having these up until March.”



:rofl::rofl: Wow! :joy:




I always left my decorations until January 6th as my ‘‘Isla Del Encanto’’ tradition, but this year on January 1st. EVERYTHING was taken down and stored neatly in the closet. Too many ppl in my familia with COVID, and the news from China are heartbreaking, too The spirit of Christmas left with the OLD YEAR, too…:cry:


I finally took my Christmas tree down and packed it away yesterday (Sunday). Hanging head in shame…



There’s nothing to be making you to be ‘‘hanging your head in shame’’ since in my Island this is about the time they start bringing the tree down and christmas decorations/celebrations finally ends. We have something call the ‘‘octavitas’’ that are followed after January 6th (The Three Wise Men day). It’s christmas music and food offered to everyone that comes into your home ‘‘to keep the christmas spirit’’ going. Although alcohol is a must, not every household needs to offer it to get a ‘‘parranda’’
What does parranda mean in Spanish slang?
A parranda (English: party or spree) is a Puerto Rican music tradition that takes place in Puerto Rico during the Christmas holiday season.

About them ‘‘octavitas’’

Octavitas. The eight days after Three Kings Day are known in Puerto Rico as las octavitas, an extension of Christmas were people keep throwing parties and going on parrandas. Originally, the octavitas were parties of a religious nature and were used to glorify the Virgin Mary and Jesus with songs.