QC certificate problem

Hi, does any of you also have a problem with QC certificate request? I sent a lot of request to help center, and it’s been about 3 months and no one is answering me. Does anyone know any different way to contact viki?


Hi, There is no QC badge but your profile does have QC on it. What are you expecting to receive?

Screenshot 2024-01-05 130728

What is a QC badge?


I have QC bagde

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@agamariap_2004 You mean the paper certificate for your contributions. Usually it’s through the ticket filling and not sure why it takes so long since it’s a digital copy of the paper, they just fill out your name and the counts of subs and/or segs and the date.

Try to revive the ticket and see if within week you get some reply, let me know.
@brendas FYI

I filled the ticked many times but nobody is answering


Is there any other way to contact viki?

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Try then here and copy paste the number (not the link) of the ticket you filed like #0005555
Click on New Post and make the headline something like:
QC certificate of Appreciation requested 3 months ago, ticket #0005555, no response.
And then describe your problem, sb will def get back to you.
But on weekends nobody will… be patient.


Good luck!


I just got my certificate :heart_eyes: