QC Gifts - Thank you Viki!

Hi everybody!
Just to say MERCI VIKI! :kissing_heart:
Because when there is a positive thing, you have to say it too!
I received my gift today! The coupon worked! I’m surprised because it was very quick! (just one week!). Online gitfs, It was a very good idea! Better than last year, because I think people prefer to choose. It was my first order on this site. The site Yesstyle is awesome, there are many Asian products. I think it’s especially interesting for cosmetics, accessories and lifestyle products lovers. Don’t hesitate to click on pictures and read the comments to choose your products.
I know some of you, had a problem of electronic messaging. I hope all the volunteers will receive their gifts! They all deserve it because Viki couldn’t exist without its great volunteers!
I hope this excellent initiative will be repeated next year (or several times a year, greedy, me?! Noooo… How should I say that? There are so many kawaï things to buy… :joy:)! :grin:
Dramatically yours,
PS : Chang Wook Oppa is back today… :yum:


I received my package today so thank you Viki! (delivery time: 2 weeks)
Giving the chance to volunteers to choose a gift is an excellent idea, but I have to say that I hope this way of thanking the volunteers won’t be repeated next year. The problem concerns the custom charges. I didn’t pay anything this time because the shop lied on the shipping label about what I bought and the real value. So please choose another way next year.

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Letting QCs pick their own gifts was a really good idea. Props to whoever came up with it.

My package arrived a few days ago as well and I’m super happy. I bought water colour pencils and the quality was far better than I was expecting.

LOL! :joy: I had a hard time making up my mind as well.

I noticed this on my package as well. It said I bought $2 cloth. I’m pretty sure this is a common practice among foreign sellers.


Glad you guys posted this. I completely forgot to place my order. :slight_smile: Gonna do that now…

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You still have 7 months to do that :slight_smile: Don’t worry!

But YesStyle has the summer sales right now, finishing today, Sunday May 28th. So things are cheaper and you can get more for your coupon.
My coupon came late-ish, so I placed my order yesterday and yes, Thank you Viki!


My order shipped on April 28th and I haven’t received it yet. Any other people in Greece that had a long delay, too?

Ohh I totally forgot the sale would end today so I placed my order for my QC gift too. Went a bit over the value of the coupon, oops, but I cannot wait for it to arrive. I mostly ordered beauty products from Tony Moly which I wanted to try for a while :smiley:

So thanks Viki, it was such a nice idea to just let everyone pick their own gift.

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I ordered Etude head band and it’s pretty awesome for makeup or masks! :+1:t2:

I’m changed for $1 plus because the transaction is overseas. What about you guys?

I don’t think so, because I managed to buy stuff exactly a few cents below my coupon limit, and the result was I had to pay 0.

How did you pay for your order? Paypal, Creditcard, bank transfer? I do know that sometimes banks do charge some extra fee for international transactions.

I paid with paypal and I didn’t have to pay an extra fee.

Paypal told me that I should pay with my bank acct because it will charge an extra dollar so I paid via my bank acct.

@dudie @sophie2you I paid with credit card. My apologize, I’m only charged for a few cents!

Does this mean that you finally got your QC gift?

Yes it does! All of 2 days ago I got the voucher!!
Have you gotten yours in the mail?

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Yes, me too, last week. But it took time to browse through this big big store.
If not for the sale, I found the prices really high.

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Yay, finally!
No, mine was supposed to be shipped some time in June.

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Those of you who ordered cloths: Could you give a feedback please on how the quality was and if it was identical with the given pictures of the product? :slight_smile:

I think it depends on the product… years ago I bought some cute handbands for less then 3 euro’s each. But this time I looked for beauty stuff and yes some are so expensive but I think they do sell some high end brands too which are expensive in Korea too. But I found some cheap products… some Tony Moly products are even cheaper then drugstore brands of the same kind of product here.