QC Gifts Winter 2017


Yes, me too, but does anyone have received the same shipment mail with a Men Large size? Because I’m a woman and I like comfy clothes, but as Pingu said Large in USA is like XL in France! (I suppose it’s a piece of clothe, but if it’s socks, I’d like them too of course!)
Have other people got another size and Female?

Thank you for this gift! I think it will be super comfy :slight_smile:


I just got the M-L email too but I’m hoping that’s just random and not the actual size. I don’t remember putting in any sizes in the gift submission email but that was a long time ago. Let’s just hope for the best


I also got the confirmation email a few minutes ago.
Men’s Large for me aswell. :stuck_out_tongue:


From the Viki Community Team


Yup, me too. I suppose it’s the same for all of us. But since it’s my first time receiving a QC Gift, I’m quite excited, feel like a little girl once again lol. :blush:

Sorry, didn’t see the whole page… hahaha man, you’re really fast! :smile:


Non-QC Viki users will be low-key shook if they see someone on the street wearing it. :sunglasses:


I too got the “M-L Men’s shirt” notice. I believe we all are getting that one shirt. Maybe it’ll be a collector item in 20 years. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the coupon code - that was very helpful :slight_smile:

Crunchy Dieter Donut


The normal way

The lazy way

Or turn it into a top with peplum

And here is a tutorial on how to also change the neckline to something more feminine.

Or if you’re much smaller and much lazier, how about sewing an elastic inside at waist level, and making it into a mini dress?


"Dear Fans,

Sorry for the delay in the subs this week, we’re all off tailoring or extending our new fabulous T-shirt to fit. :slight_smile: Hope you will deal with the raw videos and be utterly patient, as we are not all born to tailor and doing this by hand may take some time…as well as bandaids and recovery time for our fingers as we puncture them!

In the meantime, please enjoy all the videos we have done elsewhere and we’ll see you all in a week. :slight_smile:

Love, the Volunteers…"

I can see it all now…and we’ll refer them to Irmar’s helpful tailoring tips. Some will be “downsizing”, others seeking “just the right material” to extend this shirt to cover all the bases, as it were… (GRIN)

When life gives you a M-L Men’s Tshirt, clearly it’s about lemonade yet again. :slight_smile:

All in good humor. After all, it all pays “the same” - literally, in this case.


@nik_os I sometimes wear Viki shirts on the street (I own 3 so far) but nobody came to me yet when they saw me wearing it. The only time someone came to me is when I was holding my “I love Viki” totebag (which was part of the 2014 QC gift I believe) while I was waiting in line for Kcon Paris with other Vikians. Girls came to me like “where did you buy that?”


I’m liking the look of that pennant! I’ve got just the right spot picked out on my wall above my desk for it when it comes.


I used my bag in a grocery store and they asked what viki was, hehe, so funny. I truly wished the Tshirt had the light blue Viki Logo on a white tshirt and something like Asian Drama Lovers and like thank you QC for your contributions or QC’s rock on Viki, one of the Viki cartoon characters too. That design with the Cesars laurel (seen on QC certificate) is for me not a Wow moment :fearful:

This reminds me the t’s that my kids wore to summer or sport camps the over sized size fits all, lol. :scream: I donated all of them. (the tiny neck opening imagine in summer how hot that is)
The tanktop idea I like the best!!! Thanks for fabulous altering input!! :heart_eyes:
perhaps making a pillow another idea. I wanted something to wear it to make a statement in public… :frowning:


I wore a Viki T-shirt to pick up my daughter from school. We lived in El Paso, TX at the time. A woman walked up to me and asked me if I volunteered on Viki. I responded, “Yes, I do!” She asked me for my Viki name and I told her, then she shook my hand and was all excited because she knew who I was. She was also a Spanish volunteer on Viki as well. We talked for a long time and I won’t lie, I was pretty excited when she told me that everyone on Viki knew who I was and she got to meet “kakashiandme.”


I think the Male L is their version of “one size fits all.”


So cool. It’s always nice to meet Vikians in person. It also made me realize that at that time I was quite ‘popular’ to some and a volunteer to ‘look up too’. And I was like: Really? Me?


You really didn’t know something that is common knowledge around here for everyone who’s been a volunteer for more than 3-4 months?


I mean what are the odds? To be honest, I don’t think that there are many Vikians in New Zealand.
Maybe I should try it out? Who knows xD


I haven’t got an email about the shipping yet. While all people I know e already got the email. Will I still get one?


Did you fill out the form back in November? If so, check to make sure the messages didn’t go to spam.

You should probably reach out to the Viki staff and ask. There might’ve been a small bug in the system.


I still have nothing too. And I filled out the form in November. Plus I’m checking my messages really often (even spams). So don’t know.