QC Gifts Winter 2017


Me too. I haven’t received an email too.


Although this may have nothing to do with it, Viki shipped my gift almost 24 hours after giving them my address. I agree too, give them another email and see if they’ve missed something.


I have filled out the form in November.Do you know where I can reach out to the Viki staff?


You can either contact(PM) the community staff or possibly create a ticket.


I got a BIG shirt with Men-Large Size. That is too big for me! I don’t know why they sent me a big size like this.


Haha, sounds like everyone got the same size. Maybe it was cheaper? Or at the least, easier to handle logistics-wise.


Why is it Large?

Korean trend XD



Wear big shirt with leggings? Korean fashion? Someone knows?


Use it as pajamas. I do that all the time when I buy something and is too big.


But I want to wear it outside though. Is there any possible fashion?


Scroll up and you’ll see a bunch of alternatives to either make it smaller, or put an elastic inside the waist to turn it into a dress.


It depends on your own fashion style and how you want to look :slight_smile:

Whether you tuck it whole or just the front in a mini short, in a skirt or like a dress.
Whether you’re at the beach or at the swimming pool and have a swimming outfit, you can just put it on top.
Or if you want to show your tanned legs, you can have an oversized tshirt on top of your shorts, seems like you have no pants but well you have pants.
I won’t receive it yet until my relative gets it ans it’s still cold here so impossible to wear it outside, but why not in Summer!

For me, the only way to know is to try to wear it with different pieces of clothes and see.


Are you guys talking about QC Gifts for Winter 2017?


I received my package in the mail today :smiley: The shirt is pretty big and fits quite awkwardly, but I plan on tucking it into a skirt or using it as a workout top, so that’s not an issue. The pennant is also really small and cute.

I was hoping they’d include a Viki calendar like the ones they sent a few years ago, but that was just wishful thinking.

For those of you who are concerned about customs, Viki wrote that the cost of the items was 1 USD, so it should be able to go through customs without any issues.


I’m not sure to have understood your question.

From what I seem to understand:

If you were QC during 2017 (before their mail I think), you received a mail from Viki during winter 2017 (the post’s title).
In this mail, they asked your adress etc. to send it to you.

We’re receiving the gift of contributions done during 2017 now.


Oh, I see.

I just thought like it’s been quite a long time already. I wasn’t sure if this was about the 2017 Gifts.
Thank you for the clearing it up :slight_smile:

I’m quite excited to see what’s inside the 2018’s Lunar New Year sub-a-thon prize :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll be very disappointed if there aren’t any Taiwanese Drama signed goods…


The thing I’m confused about is that on the badge email it said that you win
"Prize packs of popular Chinese show goods (signed!) and Viki swag "

However, on the other picture it also said it could include Taiwanese Drama signed goods.
So is that true or not, does anyone know?


I also received it. I suppose they didn’t ask for my address because they already had it from before, LOL!
Yes, I liked the Yesstyle coupon much better: it was fun choosing stuff of our liking! But oh well, maybe for them that was too expensive. 20 or 30 euros (although of course they wouldn’t have paid that much to yesstyle, since it was a promotional thingie), versus a T-shirt that costs them about 5 euros including shipping. I can understand them.


Normally, you’ve received a mail looking like this:

You have to be in top 3 contributors of these 4 shows during the specified period to gain signed prizes.
To know if they have T-drama signed goods, you can ask one the top 3 winners (count time of shipment).


Yeah, I’m the top 1 - 3 winner of the grand prize. The package is in my country already, I’ll probably receive it in 4 more days. Maybe I’ll make a thread on it :slight_smile:

I’m quite excited to see what’s inside.

Thanks for your reply ^^