QC Gifts Winter 2017


Yes! But how do you qualify for that? Every Gold QC won’t qualify for it right! I’m asking about that.


Every gold QC qualifies for the gift


All Gold QCs get gifts… see it here:
As a QC, you get an e-mail/PM if you qualify.


Oh! That’s great! But what is the criteria to get the gift? Apart from being a gold QC, do we need to hit a specific count? Not every Gold Qc will get the gift right!


No, every Gold QC qualifies for a gift. Being a Gold QC is your qualification. You have to fulfill a certain quota to remain as a Gold QC, right? That’s how they ensure that you’re an active volunteer.


There is a lot of info at the help center.

And on QC benefits in general

And an overview about benefits of being a contributor at Viki.

However, the yearly gift isn’t noted in the posts, but traditionally you will get notified.