QC Gifts Winter 2017


Each order has one. They were attached to the mail to be informed of their arrival date .


I called and told me that the order had not arrived yet :tired_face: But I will try again


i onl ygot a mail that the present sooooooon will be coming (in january?).
but i n e v e r got an email in which a tracking code was included. thats why is asked camille to help me.


I do not know if it’s different with you. But I received it so on my own mail not my mail at Viki :slight_smile:


Folks, apparently the shipping company or whoever did shipping send it to my town without a street (If I got the message right, I know I filled the google form correctly, I have a copy). Anyway it went back to the company, then to Viki and Viki is now sending it to me, just in time for my B’Day, let’s hope. I never got any tracking number before, now I do… stranger things have happened, but this should not :blush:
Good luck to you all, who are still waiting :four_leaf_clover:


Yay Tshirt and “mini mini” (shall I say pocket flag/banner) banner arrived just on my BDay,
lol, the strange coincidence!!! Thirt is nice but big, when time allows I’ll do something
with it, I want to wear it to get everyone interested!!!
Thanks @camiille and Viki :kiss:


@camiille What to do? My delivery was attempted but it wasn’t delivered and now it is being returned to sender! :frowning:


I see they tried to deliver it twice… didn’t they leave a note to pick it up somewhere when you are not home in your country?

Hopefully you and Viki can think of a solution.


I received my gift today <3 it’s too big but i’m so in love with it … all the love from Egypt <3


@camiille What work?! Tracking is still pending and has not spoken even though I am contacting DHL eCommerce and my local postal service provider. DHL eCommerce responded by “contacting the seller to discuss the options”. for my local postal service provider to inform me that the order is not available because their branch is only DHL Express, They usually have a tracking code of 10 numbers not more.

I hope the problem will be solved quickly :slight_smile:


Thank you @camiille and Viki Community Team from Iraq, I’ve received the gift :heart_eyes: :gift:


Just want to bump and ask a question.
Are gold qcs qualified to get gifts?
And what about the monthly top 50?




In the second article, it only says about the top 50 for every quarter.


Yeah, you have to make it to the top 50 to make a chance there. And you need to be a QC.


So, if you are on top 50 in one month, you won’t receive any gift, right?


If you get into the top 3 in one month, you do get a gift. For the rest of the top 50 you need to be in there for three months


Thank you!
I got it.


What about the annual QC gift? How does one qualify for that?


I think that’s for gold qcs