QC Subbers in the Americas wanted to sub "Let's BTS."

The March, 2021, special interview Let’s BTS is already subbed in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Italian is nearly completed.
Because this is a viki pass plus channel, only QCs in North, South and Central America can access the subtitling function. If you are interested in working on this fun 1 ½ hour special in any other language, please pm me.
We volunteers do NOT have any control over who can see the video so I beg you not to use this forum to complain to me or the channel’s staff. If you can not already watch the show on viki, joining the team is not going to give you the ability to see it.
Qualification: MUST be QC in the Americas or viki pass plus.
Please write to me with this information:

  1. what language you sub to and 2) what country do you live in.
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cgwm808 I sent you a message.