Re: the NSSAcademy

Hey guys, I have a few questions and would really appreciate your input on these!
Sorry if this thread already exists ><

Background: I’m on the waitlist and have watched all 7 episodes in the channel. I am looking to subtitle & segment videos but I have been advised to ‘graduate’ first.

Has anyone here completed the academy - what can I expect?

P.s. I have already checked the Weebly website and already understand how segmenting and subtitling work.

Thank you! :innocent:

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afbeelding Student Rules - NINJA ACADEMY

You have probably already read that it’s not allowed to start before graduation. Especially the segmenting department is very strict in this. They might kick you out of the academy if they catch you working on outside projects.
CMs and CSs won’t have much faith in you as a segmenter if you aren’t graduated.
And frankly, even if you technically know how it works, you lack guided practice. Besides, most segmenting here nowadays is A&C and you won’t learn that until level 5.

For segmenting:
Sandbox - Your first steps as a potential segmenter. An introduction as well as the place to filter out those without enough talent for or interest in segmenting.
Level 1 to 4 - further developing of your skills, guided by a new sensei for each level
Level 5 - A&C (adjust and combine), i.e. correcting already existing segments so that you can work on presubbed shows.
Exams - theory and practice, both segmenting fom scratch and A&C.
Inbetween levels, you will be on a waitlist.

For subbing, going through the academy is not obligated and most languages don’t even have an academy, but if you are enrolled in one, you should stick to their rules.
By the way, if you seek to work in Persian, get in touch with @princessahmad


Wow, thank you so much for your detailed response! I have not started any projects as I must graduate first. Hopefully, I will be enrolled soon so I can start putting the knowledge into practice via the sandbox environment. And I will be sure to get in touch with the person you mentioned :slight_smile: Thanks again :innocent:


My advice is to read everything on this page it was really good when I started the Ninja academy (I’m not done there might l add) for segmenting.

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Yes the website is excellent!! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2: