Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!


hahahahahaha Lately I see that a lot in dramas, guys that are not attractive at all, and the FL is very cute so I kinda wanna say poor child not much to see there.


No Hotties! What is up with that!? I hv so many to watch that I have not run across that yet


Believe it or not, a lot has to do with botched up surgery bc is very obvious. Some take a while to fix, others do it by next drama they make.


Just watched this one, 4 episodes 11~17 minutes each, now that’s short!


If you don’t have a problem with watching k-dramas on YouTube, I would definitely recommend you the Web drama “Dating class”. That was the first kdrama I’ve ever watched. I watched it because I’m in love with Chuu, so I gave it a try, because the description is not really interesting (to me) but the actual story, and the acting is so good! I really enjoyed it!:purple_heart:


how is it though?


Hee Hee, I deliberately didn’t say much about it as it’s so short, I really liked it.
The ending is a big plot twist to a VERY sad ending. but the ending scene after that is a very young boy and a girl befriending each other, I’m not sure if it’s a flashback to an even earlier point in their lives or a “reincarnation” of the two main characters. It might be one of those There for the viewer to determine the outcome/ending scene.


I LOVED this so MUCH!


I am thinking about watching this one!

Anybody got any new short dramas to watch!!!


I’m glad you got around to Splash Splash Love, it’s Viki Plus in my area now but when it wasn’t it was my go to fluff.




Have you watched His - I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love? 5 episodes 23 min each. Not as romantic as Splash Splash Love but still a lovely story.


Ok I have a thing for Web Dramas! I am loving this so far and only on Eps 2.


I have come to a conclusion - I like time travel - and I like short Web Dramas because the romance is so sweet and not too much in-fighting weirdness going on!!!




exo next door is a great short show its only 6 episodes and great story plus romance


As an EXO-L, I honestly couldn’t get past the first episode :flushed: the criiiiingggeeee EXO should stick to reality shows and music :joy:


Another Short Eps DRAMA! And what a fun premise! I want that darn refridgerator


i want to watch it too but its unavailable in my region


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Seriously guys I’m obsessed with these BIRDS!!!