Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!




I apologize in advance if any of these have already been mentioned. I did read the whole thread, but there were a lot, so I can’t remember them all.

Super short, lots of skinship, and a too-good-to-be-true hottie:

Very short, with a cutie who sings:

Very short episodes; a fangirl’s dream to meet & fall in love with an idol. There’s also a second season.

Only a handful of short episodes. I thought they were a cute OTP

Quick & fun:

Not the best, but there are only a few, very short episodes; fun cohabitation hijinks:


Ok I got hooked by the hairdresser - the hottie hairdresser.
This is like watching a young girl’s dream - he’s dreamy - he’s flawless - the sunlight that radiates through the filming of this short little drama makes him look more dreamy -



I was just going to add XX. :slight_smile:


We found it because of You!


Shanai Marriage Honey’s slightly more realistic, way more innocent twin! The two leads are adorable. No arranged marriage cliches of push and pull or making the partner miserable before falling for them.

It’s about 4-5 hours long. Light, fluffy, sometimes weird, and brought a smile to my face. And of course, a very satisfying happy ending!


This was so good - and an Easy Watch!!! :heart:


Short and the fireman is so CUTE!


Naughty boy was cute and good filler drama
Web Dramas


As I said on another thread that I was watching this:

If you are interested in creative writing and how to develop a plot, maybe you will like it. Since it is the project to bring out a web drama script from each team that is participating.
There are two really short web dramas.
What would I say do I like about it, well one is a bit lighter to watch, as one story might bring you to tears.
What do you get, I won’t divert it so the two teams or one team had plots with:
Amnesia, a fantasy element, the white truck of doom, friends who turn into lovers, strangers that meet and fall in love, …

This one was already mentioned before as a fluffy filler in between, but not with the connection that is a product of The Romance

This is less fluffy, but has some fluff, but turns more serious and might bring you to tears, so be aware, but it isn’t without a message.


Oh thanks!




Only just watched the first drama for me in the past 3 weeks. I couldn’t start a long one, I wasn’t in the mood for a movie, too much going on in a short while.

And there it was, a drama with the “fake marriage” stamp all over. One can easily tell, that when you watched one of this kind, they are pretty much all the same. Well that was the point I thought I would find something to calm my nerves with what was quite familiar to me. The characters are a bit different, unfortunately the directing or the script or both were a bit bumpy at times, and it effected the course of the story, anyway I watched it all, because it was still an easy watch for me and that was all I needed.


This one is aggravating to watch. lol
I need to watch the last ep. but I’m so done with it.


The Killer is Also Romantic

Really nice short series - 18 10-minute eps so about 3 hours in total. Extremely funny and romantic, with a tiny bit of angst. A chinese version of Mr and Mrs Smith - two assassins marry each other while hiding their true identities. I would love to see a full-length version.

The whole thing is on YouTube. Its a MangoTV short drama so the subs aren’t the best, but the comedy is mostly physical, so you don’t really miss anything unless you’re interested in the intricacies of their politics - and that takes up a very tiny part of the show.


Someone else also recommended this drama today in our other discussion forum. I guess now I have to watch it.


If you like the first ep, you’ll love the whole thing. It’s hilarious and nobody takes themselves seriously. The couple is also really cute