Recruiting for moderators and subtitle translation for

Dog Star TV is an adorable Korean variety show that is currently looking for Moderators and people to subtitle in various languages.

Thank you
GE and English Moderator.


This is ridiculous How can this have anything wrong I am General editor of this show for English I was asked to be English Moderator and I am trying to help our show recruit for languages we don’t have WHY WOULD SOMEONE FLAG THIS?


It has 75 (about 3 are mine) views they should give you the names of all 75 ppl. (me included) who view your topic bc out of those 75 we definitely know we have the ones who flagged your post.

I can understand someone who didn’t like my posting my looking for work posts and considered them spam. I apologize for that. I do not understand at all the post for DogStar TV recruiting however I posted it once why on earth would they flag it. Jealousy that is weak. Thanks for your support I hope I can get this fixed however because 6 of the 7 shows I am GE for now I can no longer post in team discussion.


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I am so glad you have joined us please post there that I have not left because I have the main episodes finished. I just can’t post in team discussions till this situation gets fixed.

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Will do…:slight_smile:

Just a gentle remark, the Team Discussions and Discussions are completely unrelated. Team Discussions are linked to the Disqus comments you find at dramas’ main pages and episodes. However, the Team Discussions seem to have a problem today, there have been posts that don’t appear and such things.
I know this is not related to the topic but I thought I should let you know. :slight_smile:
I hope the project goes well! I haven’t seen it but seems like it can be cute to watch if you’re someone who likes pets. (I love pets by the way)

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Go and check it out is a nice show although I feel the Dogs could be more competitive or do more stuff I think they need to concentrate more on the Dogs, and not on the owners of the dogs bc that’s what the show is all about; The Dogs.

My daughter’s chihuahua would steal the show in there. She’s Bilingual [English and Spanish] and so cute in all her outfits. She travels with us and behaves so well and is the center of attention in the airports and Hotels. We always get scared they might kidnap her. We even went to Disney Resort with her, and ppl we don’t know has pictures of her ( also in Puerto Rico, Florida, Pennsylvania to name a few).

Awesome I am much more worried about the Team discussions then I am the discussion boards. Thanks.



is this still available? if so, i’d love to do the japanese part! thanks so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I honestly don’t know why every comment tammy writes to recruit ppl for this show, they make her feel like she’s doing something wrong in doing that (it was also done to me many times) My post were locked/tampered with, so I had no access to recruit ppl for at the time a drama I was working on, and by the grace of almighty GOD I found a piece I want to share with all that a viki staff posted, and I feel I have to share with you all. [The first line states: Viki Discussions is an important space for channel recruiting] If this is true: why they flag what she wrote, and keep telling her to do the subbers seeking for her show through PM’s for example? Am I reading wrong? This is in 2017 and I don’t think that part has changed, right?

[Viki Discussions is an important space for channel recruiting, chatting about shows, helping each other troubleshoot and so much more…] Post by viki staff back in 2017.
Don’t know if this too break any guidelines rules and I hope I’m not.