Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi there,
I’m interested in helping as a subtitler , and I’d like to translate into Português.

Hi everyone !
I would love to help the Viki community !
Feel free to contact me.
I can edit french

I’m Hannah and i would like to help with subtiteling from English to Dutch.
Please let me know if you know teams that need help.
Have a nice day! :revolving_hearts:

My name is Bia and I’d like to help translating from English to Portuguese.
Nice to meet you all!

Hi, https://www.viki.com/tv/36666c-dog-star-tv is looking for Korean to Chinese we would love to have the help.

https://www.viki.com/tv/36666c-dog-star-tv is looking for assistance
Recruiting for moderators and subtitle translation for

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Hi i want to transalate from English to Dutch.
If you guy’s know a work I can help!!!

https://www.viki.com/tv/36666c-dog-star-tv is recruiting for subtitlers and moderators for your area of language ability.

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hey, I’d like to translate english subtitles into portuguese
Oi, quero traduzir legendas do inglês para o português

Everyone please contact our CM bluenoona81 about joining the team.

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Hello ! I am wondering about the conditions to start subtitling on Viki, for I’m interested in subtitling from Arabic, French to English. Thank you !



We mostly translate from English to a language we speak. Knowledge in English and your targeted language is necessary to translate.

If you’re interested in subtitling, you can:

[Note: Other languages subtitle from English. Other languages start subbing once English edition is done.
No English subtitles => No other languages subtitles => Normal
No English edition => No other languages subtitles => Normal]

If you see no moderator, contact directly the channel manager.

  • a new subbing Academy has opened for French, you can enroll here.
    A volunteer will help you in subtitling in French with less mistakes, with the formatting and you’re free to ask any questions.
    I think for a new subber, it will be pretty much helpful to have a guide for your first steps on Viki.
    Plus, the badge earned at the end of this program is a token of trust in the eyes of recruiters.

See more about French subbing academy: French Subbing Academy Opening / Ouverture de l'académie française de traduction

Good luck!

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Hi… Just sign up a new account here and want to learn how to be a subber… usually i do translation for novel script.
I can do Chinese (simplified) to Indonesian and English to Indonesian.

If anyone need my help, I’m gladly to help.

Hi, if someone need help, I would like to help in translation.
I can translate from english into portuguese.

Hiii!! I can translate from english to spanish!! if someone need me contact me!! :love_you_gesture:

Hi hello, I can subtitle from English to Spanish.

Oi,eu gostaria de participar da legendagen de Inglês/portugûes!!!Estou procurando muito algum trabalho que eu possa fazer desse tipo!!!

Everyone Please PM bluenoona81 Thanks

Hi there! I’d like to make subtitles from English to Italian! Contact me, thanks

Olá a todos! Estou a procura de um drama para legendar, do inglês para o português.
Confesso que procurei em diversos lugares e com muitos moderadores de português porem todos estão com a equipe completa.
Peço esta oportunidade.
Com carinho.

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