{RECRUITING Moderators, segmenters and translators} Korean Drama "After School Bokbulbok"

Hello everyone ! I’m looking for worldwide moderators, translators and segmenters for a brand new Mini Korean Drama called “After School Bokbulbok” with Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers), Jung Gyu Won ( I Need Romance 2), Lizzy (kpop group After School) and the new kpop group guest 5urprise ! Please sent me a mail if you want to help this project !


I can help you with Subs English to Spanish if you want

I can help with subbing from english to indonesian

Yep ! It’s great, do you both want to be moderator in your own language ? For recruiting your own team of subbers ?

Sure, I can do that. I would love to be indonesian moderator dor that. Thanks

Sure! I can do that too.Thanks!

By the way the link you post for the drama does says it doesn’t work can you give us another link please?

I would like to help with English to Spanish subs. ^^

Thanks Suvii! GDragonFic or I will keep you updated when the Spanish team and the channel is ready! Welcome.

I can help with English-Spanish subs! :smiley:

I would love to help out with English-Spanish subs. :slight_smile:

I would like to help from english to french. ^^

I would like to help with English to Indonesian ^v^

Your channel doesn’t work… Are you sure your channel is approved? More info about the license process.

I’m not really sure, in fact, I’m the manager of this channel since yesterday. Thanls you for the link, I’m gonna to read it !

Aurelia comme tu m’as beaucoup aidé avec Ring Ring Bell (Et que j’ai vu que ton travail de sub est de qualité), j’aurais plus pensé à toi en tant que modératrice française de la chaîne, si ça te dis bien sur :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your answers, I just ask for a licence for the channel. After that, I will add @julievilla in Indonesian moderator, @Niennavalar in spanish moderator !

Oui bien sûr que ça me dit! ^^ Ca sera ma première fois en tant que modératrice mais je vais faire de mon mieux :slight_smile:

ok I’ll be checking thanks!

@HLWeasley16 I’ll add you both to the team as soon as the channel is working fine, thanks for joining to the team!

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