Request for features in subtitle editor

I’m not sure how many humans would use this but.
Could we have a captioning option in the subtitle editor?
I was translating and I put in the transcript first and then fixed it. It threw people off because the count is wrong and I think cc’ing is helpful esp. for people learning the language.

a box viewable only to subbers and not displayed on the vid would be just fine. If you could get the box to be the sub for the original language without another step. That would be awesome (spanish subs for spanish stuff was major helpful)

In addition, could there be a way of leaving notes for each other like. I find it super annoying when an error is made to have it unflagged. Or I did this because I wasn’t sure. What I want is a bookmarking option like postits!

Also for people learning the language sometimes people want footnotes. I really liked the footnotes in Imperial Doctress (total plug for Mandarin-Eng subbers to sub it :frowning: they really need people on the team).

For Korean and any other language. Could the romanization guide table chart thing be uploaded onto the page. Could we make our own idiom/expression glossary across viki? Some things are so hard to explain like Makjang. I think consistency is good.

whew. that’s what i experienced day 1 of translating.

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You may wish to contact cgwm808. She is the head of the Korean Ninja Academy as far as I know.

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I would like buttons for italics, break, musical notes. And, if buttons are difficult to implement, keyboard shortcuts would also be fine.
Currently I have a notepad .txt document on my desktop with all these, and I copy paste from there. As I often subtitle into Greek, which is a non-Latin font, it’s quicker than changing keyboard language all the time.


a) The cursor should stay where I put it, not jump all over the place adding random letters here and there. It is very annoying and it messes the subtitles.
b) The editor and the bulk translation should be accessible from mobile phones or offline.
I for one would certainly subtitle triple the amount of episodes I’m doing now if I had a way to do it in my spare time, e.g. while commuting, instead of when I have access to wifi and laptop.
c) I second the demand for buttons for < i > and < br >

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I can get onto the subtitle editor from my phone, really.

Buttons for < i > and < br > would be really nice because it takes so much time to just type out and then erase when you mess up.