REWATCH: What Dramas Would You ReWATCH Again


It is a rainy day today and I am so looking forward to Mr Queen, I am on Eps 8! It is GETTING Good!

I never thought about re-watching on certain days because there are so many I HAVE to watch I think I will die before I get to them all because they KEEP MAKING MORE!

This is my drama life!!! I have like 8 dramas I need to finish because “OOPS” Squirrel but I have ADHD!


I have heard this is good! It is in my collections. I think you have to get to at least Eps 3 or 4 before you make a decision on most dramas although the romance never seems to happen until Eps 10. What is that?


Me because of the DRAMAS I need to Finish!
Empress Ki - Because WOOKIE’s performance is THAT good but I need Tissues
Secret Love Affair - the poisonous political part is starting
Legend Deep Blue Sea - because I don’t wanna give up Minho
DOTS - I just don’t like the female lead AT ALL but I love Big Boss
Lost Romance - I just don’t wanna let go of Marcus Chang I love this so much
Tale of Nokdu - It’s so cute I need to finish it
Romance is a Bonus Book - I don’t like the Female Lead but Love LJS
Lawless Lawyer - I love the action/romance is lacking a little for me


ohh…usually if there are people encouraging others to stick with it a little longer in the TCs, I do. However, I didn’t find many TCs saying so for that drama. Though I totally enjoy slow-burn romances, I usually get to know a little of how it’s going to go, the feel of the drama and stuff from the first ep (Eg.: the color palette/ OST/ the way the characters hold themselves/ if the writing is sloppy, etc.)

oh sAME it took some time for her to grow on me, and even till the end I was a little annoyed with her, but honestly, the writing/screenplay and OST has been done so well and the second lead couple are SO amazing that I stuck through and loved it :sweat_smile: also Big Boss had me completely charmed so it’s not like I could look anywhere else :joy:

yup if you’re looking for romance, it’s kinda abrupt-ish and doesn’t really get going till well into the drama. And when it does, it makes you anticipate but you don’t get what you think you’ll get lol(You’ll probably understand if you decide to stick through the whole thing). I just liked Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji and their team chemistry so I didn’t really go in for the romance.

:sob::sob::sob::sob:he’s so GOOD ahhhh I love that dramaaaa

Minho’s nose and dimples were sometimes the only things that kept me hooked but it was worth it :joy::sweat_smile:


If you have DISNEY PLUS watch MULAN it’s a wonderful story of what you can tell is a hyperactivity disorder and she becomes a war hero in her country. LOVED it from beginning to end. On Disney+ channel they have stories cartoon like of kids who are autistic and accomplish things in life. I love that so much.


I work with an Autistic little boy! I love him so much. He leans on me! I am a peace of furniture he trusts me so much.

Mulan is my ALL time favorite cartoon. I sing Reflection on the Time.
I did love the movie just missed the songs!



I’m talking about MULAN the movie. I haven’t watched the MULAN animated series yet.

I hope you check out GO PRINCESS GO which is a Chinese version of MR. QUEEN I liked Chinese version much much, better bc the korean lost so much when they went by viewers criticism and so many scenes were omitted. The ending was boring in Mr. Quuens and shocking and amazing on Chinese version. Hope there’s a second part.


I don’t know, I started watching it and I still need to figure out if I am bored or just not intrigued enough. I am stuck at Ep 11 in the worst case like until forever or the license expires. In a less bad case I might take it up again in a month, year - that wouldn’t be new to me either.


There is a great kiss scene in the rain while camping though!


I purchased my DVD on Amazon (they also have Goblin, Crash Landing – not sure about the other titles you mentioned, since I haven’t searched for them). But like you, I’m fearful that one day, my drama will not be on the list!

I have to say that because TYH did not get enough support in Korea, they did not produce a BlueRay version and the quality of the DVD is not the best. I feel almost like someone recorded the series at home (because there are commercials in some episodes! and advertising banners). The captions are different than the ones in Viki and there are additional scenes that are not on Viki (probably edited out). But it allows me to always have the drama to watch, and to lend to friends.

Good luck!

PS – the DVDs are a bit pricey on Amazon. If I ever come across a different site where you can buy them, I will let you know.


I rewachted The Untamed three times now as well as Solomons Perjury. These two are my absolute favourits and I can just recommend everyone to watch these two :heart_eyes::grin:


@itzylee if you like crime dramas have you watched Love Me if You Dare? It’s definitely on my rewatch list.


I’ve already seen this three times. It’s a truly outstanding story. It’s also known as Dae Jang Geum.

Th Untamed is also brilliant! If you like fantasy, magic and sword fighting in an historical Chinese setting, this show will satisfy.


I’m REALLY REALLY excited about Untamed. The photo stills are just GORGEOUS. I am very much into cinematography! Can’t wait


Honestly it’s on my watchlist. I will definitly give it a chance. Thanks for your recommandation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you guys have not MET this GORGEOUS man in “Lost Romance” stop what you are doing and RUN RUN to your laptop and WATCH! He has the most beautiful hands on the planet and a Gorgeous VOICE


Here are the two lead protagonists singing the theme song for “The Untamed.” This clip gives a very good overview of what the show is like.


Ok I am in Eps 8! And I think this is a REWATCH for me! I keep re-watching episodes before I go on to the next one! Cuz, I LOVE IT!


Okay, now I have to watch Goblin and Crash Landing on You. The second one I started but got to scared for the characters and saw the ending and didn’t go back to finish the whole thing all the way through. I’ll do it.


I really loved Dating in the Kitchen, but then for me it is relatable. My husband is 9 years older than me. If you don’t enjoy dramas with an age gap, it might not be for you. It makes sense though for the MFL as she grew up with mostly older people around her like I did. The same goes for The Sword and the Brocade. I’m watching it over and over as I wait for the next episodes. I’m hooked on Wallace Chung. Now I’ve got to see other stuff he is in. I already liked Seven in Go Ahead and other dramas. They are both doing a fabulous job