REWATCH: What Dramas Would You ReWATCH Again


I don’t mind large age gaps as long as they’re not VERY noticeable(for example I didn’t enjoy Goblin/Romance is a Bonus Book very much)…I was asking how it was from a plot perspective :sweat_smile: can’t wait for the Sword and the Brocade to end so I can start devouring it!


I LOVE Goblin it is my #1 all time favorite out of 60 dramas! Nothing has unseated it yet.
Crash Landing On You is a beautiful show. 1st kdrama I ever watched


I actually think a 15 year or 7 year or 10 year or whatever works if it works. I actually did love Goblin the age gap never bothered me, but I didn’t like Bonus Book because I love LJS and felt nothing for the FL- I thought she just didn’t work for him.


Actually, with Goblin it bothered me at the start because she was so so young and he was so olddddd and sometimes it looked like I was watching a father and daughter argue. To add to all that, I somehow started shipping her with Deok Hwa because I found them so cute together😂
Towards the end I kinda accepted it, it also helped that Goblin acts so silly that it sort of minuses the years.


Talk about an age gap, look at the two main leads in Eternal Love - Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. I think it was a couple of thousand years.


I was pretty new to K-dramas when I watched it and new to the ML. I’ll have to see him in other things.


W 2 Worlds is my favorite Lee Suk


I would watch Hi bye, mama! because this drama is the first drama i watched in my life so i would love to see him again!
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I’ve seen the trailer for it before but was afraid there was too much violence and not enough romance for me. I’ll maybe need to watch it between my fingers. Not a fan of blood. That she finds him covered in it was a huge turn-off for me. In the Sword and the Brocade, their first meeting was really cool. It was definitely scary, but it was also pretty epic.


I love the romance - they have so much chemistry. And it is one of my favs. He romances her a lot! I don’t remember a lot of blood except maybe that rooftop scene. I highly recommend W. The jailhouse kiss is one of my favs.


nah, they balance the romance in W quite well till the last quarter…then everything amps up and romance takes the back seat. It’s pretty funny during the first half though :grin: and I don’t remember it being very bloody; creepy at times maybe, but not bloody.


Hey - Any New Dramas to Add to my REwind - Collection???


I love re-watching dramas, I find it comforting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My go to re-watch dramas are:

Just Between Lovers
Her Private Life or Touch Your Heart if I’m in the mood for something light and fluffy
They Kiss Again
Nodame Cantabile
Go Go Squid


Kim Jae Wook - nothing better


My three favorite male lead characters :heart_eyes: