REWATCH: What Dramas Would You ReWATCH Again


aznd left the bride, thats what bugs me, oh I know the p-lace he had to go and all, but gheeze!!


I guess I have to rewatch the drama bc I don’t remember any of that


I wish they had done more with the Water God! His costumes were so gorgeous and he was gorgeous and had powers - then they all went away! That was a missed opportunity

I was talking about the line you deleted after you added the picture that you wrote ‘‘he had powers then they all went away.’’ That was the spoiler line you wrote, that I wrote it should be blurred. It’s all good; I forget sometimes to blur stuff too which you always remind me to blur and I do it. We need to teach @frustratedwriter that spoiler feature too but I don’t know how to bc it took me a while to learn how to do it, too lol


good idea! show me !! cause I know I have put "spoilers "on all my pages, so yeah show me! and thanks for the reminder


@angelight313_168, @frustratedwriter

There is a spoiler function, while writing your comment on the top right there is “options” click on it, and you will see one of the 4 options is Blur Spoliers. You just need to mark your text you want to blur and click on Options/Blur Spoilers, that’s all - no more accidental reading of spoilers.


ok lest see what we can doThis text will be blurred I Got it, thank you!!! noiw just to remember the function!!


Oh sorry I didn’t really think it was a spoiler but all good.! I took it out! I love the blur function though


Wow! Thanks! We are having lessons today!


:star_struck::yum::heart_eyes: yep lessons well needed!!


I’m glad you (@frustratedwriter) got it so fast! It took me a while back about 3 tries before I learned how to do it correctly. Some people are better explaining the process, so it took one person, that I finally understood. I’ve been ‘‘blurring spoilers’’ for a long while now, but sometimes I forget certain ppl. consider simple stuff that imo, is not much of a spoiler, but I pay more attention now when I write about a drama/movie.



Now I can’t find the drama to see when that happened so I’m frustrated trying to find it lol
The ‘‘place’’ where I saw it before no longer has it. I’ll try to find an article with the summary/description of the drama. I loved this drama so much, although a lot of ppl didn’t ‘‘like it’’

The guy was so gorgeous in those ‘‘God like Customs/Wardrobes’’ (The long hair, the flowing outfit) I mean HE looked perfect for that role. I like the actress bc she’s very nat ural and sweet.


Are you still talking about this one?

No license for the Americas?


Bride of the Water God Right?? He was so GORGEOUS I wanted Morewater%20god%201
Nam Joo Hyuk

Oh Mo Mo!!! They should have done more with his Water God Persona!



Oh, thank you!!!. It is available in my region…I’m gonna start watching now. You made my day bc the other place I was watching didn’t had the last episode subbed in English, so it was a ‘‘visual thing’’ only (maybe that’s why I didn’t know about him losing his powers like kdrama mentioned).


that can’t be right, I just finished watching Bride of the watergod, yeah his clothes were awesome!


You was talking about the beginning not having his power? lol I thought you meant he lost his power forever as a God.. I’m watching it now, and the drama is the funniest and best of all! A gorgeous kiss in the first episode! How could I forget that part? No wonder I loved this drama so much. I’m glad is here at RViki. Can’t believe I never bothered to keep checking if it was here (I put request for it too a while back).
PS…Oh, second kiss on episode 2 killed the mood though.

I have high hopes for VAGABOND since I put request.


Nam Hyuk taking a bath is the BEST EVER!


My favorite part of this show - besides the bath and the costume - is when he waits for her along the vine wall. It’s so sweet and when he’s not there…aw :sleepy:

Now you got me wanting to re-watch it! Stop that


He’s all natural…no fake abs. Do you know any other dramas he’s in? I’m on chapter 5 loving the re-watch.


Nam Joo Hyuk dramas:

and he’s also in Who Are You School 2015 which I ABSOLUTELY do NOT recommend, thank you.

He’s also in this movie:

And his latest movie is this one with Han Ji Min:

Not on Viki: Start Up, The Light In Your Eyes, Scarlet Heart and The School Nurse Files


hey you k [drama2020ali thats wanting the shower scenes, how about the bath scenes too? or the swimming scenes??