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Hi, I’m brand new here, does it really take that long to get an approval for a project?

I honestly don’t understand your question, is it that the moderator for your language hasn’t replied? It can happen because even though many of us are active on Viki some has other things outside of the community. If the project you have applied for doesn’t have a moderator for your language they cant let you join (a rule that Viki has). My best advice is to wait or look for another project, then you could always look if the project had an active moderator or not (that increases the chanc of starting).
Good luck!


There is a lot of threads talking about same thing.
long story short!

Yes it might be hard to get a project as a start, As an advice, search for (Several) active Mods of your target language asking them for a kick start and work in whatever they give you. keep doing this until you gain their trust and they will ask for your help later on! and you might be one of them someday and help others to begin their journey.