Seg, Sub, Mod Positions OPEN! (NEW PROJECTS ADDED!)

hi, i can sub english to indonesia. let me know if you need help :smile:

Gavin & Stacy Season 1 is almost done! We just need the help of some English Subtitlers!
Also, if you’re a seasoned segmenter and would like to join any of the projects above, that would be awesome!
Always recruiting!!

Ηi!! Can you add me as a Greek Moderator on KO one Return???

I can help english to turkish because a lot of turkish is waiting to watch

I want to help you with your projects, but particularly with Love You You and The State Within projects. I can translate from English to Spanish and I wanna be a segmenter too, but right now I don’t have experience :frowning: I wanna learn how to do it :smile:
Contact me if I can help you in any way! :wink:

I would like to help you sub “Gavin & Stacy season 1”. Could I?
I can speak English and Korean, hope that I could help a lot…
Please let me know if you need my help.

Thank you…

@LingSte Hey! That would be awesome! You can start as a translator at any time :smile:
@Musicgirl25 Of course! It’s all segmented, so feel free to start whenever you’re free!

Not sure if you still need it, but I can help with My Daughter chi-eng

That would be awesome! I’ll add you :smile:
Thanks so much!

I’ve just added a few new channels (Artist channels), so if anyone is interested, please contact me :slight_smile:

hi!! I would like to help to segment “JPM” channel

Sure! I’ve added you :slight_smile:

ok thanks!!!


Not sure if you still need it, but I’m here. :slight_smile: I can support with Super Junor M subbing from English to Hungarian, and I want to join us as Hungarian moderator.
Have a nice day!

Hi! I’ve added you as a Hungarian mod. Thank you!! :smile:

With pleasure. :slight_smile:

I can do from English to Serbian and Macedonian if subtitles are needed.

hi i want to be spanish mod when you have other prject open thanks

If there is still any open position for me, please tell me, am good at segmenting, editoring, and I can be mod.

What languages can you be a moderator in?