Seg, Sub, Mod Positions OPEN! (NEW PROJECTS ADDED!)

Hello everyone! I’m looking to revive a few channels and I would love to have you join me!
I’m looking for Segmenters, and Chi-Eng subbers, as well as English subtitlers and Other Language Mods & subbers!

Please PM me if you are interested in any of the projects listed below!

Currently, I’m working on the following:

I’ll be adding more to the list soon!
Also, if you want your project on the list, comment and I’ll be happy to add it!


I’m volunteering for all the projects as a Greek Moderator. As for experience, I have a lot.!!

I’d like to volunteer to sub My Daughter Chi-Eng.

Thanks! I’ve added you to all of them!

Thanks for volunteering! You can sub starting from episode 19! :slight_smile:

I’m volunteer to be french mod :slight_smile:

Can you add KO One Return to be finished? because when I checked it wasn’t completely 100% on the episodes subtitles

Hi! Thanks for volunteering! What drama or dramas would you like to be part of?

Sure! I’ll make sure to look into it!
EDIT: From what I can tell, all the episodes are subbed!

I want to help in My Daughter as an English-Spanish subber.

hello, I can help with the subtitles. I can translate English/French/German/Italian into Spanish.
I want to participate in any project you need me.

if need spanish sub i can help

@neljoha Thanks for volunteering! Welcome to the team!
@Dulcerosa & @elena_l_e We need subbers for all the projects, just message me the ones that you’re interested in!

I can give a hand once in while subbing my daughter to spanish, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

That would be awesome, thanks!

Ummm I don’t know… more Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese dramas…

I can help segmenting and subtitling My Daughter (Chi-Eng) :slight_smile:

hi! I’m new to all this but, i can do English subtitles and try segmenting if you still need someone.

@carrie_smith_2 You should check out Gavin and Stacy. Episodes 2 & 3 need subs. The other episodes will be segmented when those two are done! :smile:
@juliejin I’ve replied to your PM. Thank’s for volunteering!

Hi! I can help with Eng-Romanian sub in Love You You and other projects too, if you need someone for this language! smile