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oooh I was waiting for this one! Glad to see it on Viki!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Maybe we can Watch Party it!

LOL someone thinks he/she’s very, very smart :joy:


Hahaha this video is gold. Just saw this and wanted to share (turn on subtitles).

Are you guys on this level of fangirl? :laughing:

Your laugh for the day

I’d be labeled a muggle, I don’t watch lives, I don’t typically follow their day to day stuff, I mostly just enjoy the music or dramas they produce. If I were younger I probably would have been more obsessive, but age has given me a different perspective from my younger self. I just want them to be happy, healthy, and find someone who will love them for the real person, not the persona they’ve created for the camera.



I do watch VLIVES - I do follow Instagram - I do BUBBLE!

And well ya know!!! What Korean Boyfriend am I hanging out with today?? Or which one wakes me up at 3 am doing a VLIVE!!! hahahahaha!


SAME - after seeing what KHS has gone through - hope he can still do that also


I’m watching a CLASSIC!!!


Same to you, lady! Glad you are feeling better!


Hope u are better my friend! U will love the drama Im watching right now! Flirt to the max


Just a reminder, over in the threads called The Viki Original You haven’t Seen Yet The Badger Productions Company is still awaiting your creative contribution to the drama we are writing called KSKA. Spare us your talents, your names will appear in the credits.

. . .and bring a fan along too :wink: :blush: :+1:t5:

When did viki change this?From viki volunteer community to viki contributor community?

That was a cute video. LOL

There is at least one person for whom I would qualify as that level (or maybe not quite to that level), and it’s someone I share with @kdrama2020ali. If you read this entire thread, I’m sure you saw us exchanging GIFs and such. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. We keep a lot of it behind closed doors so as not to alienate all our other cafe goers. :rofl::rofl:


Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! That’s cuz we keep him to ourselves!:jack_o_lantern:


I think I’m the same… I support them wholeheartedly so I kinda feel bad when I don’t know some detail about their lives that every other fan seems to know because that seems to be the measure by which people decide how good of a fan you are… but I don’t really want to get into their personal lives and I don’t have the time to watch everything they’re in, anyway. I usually just watch their MV, the Dance Practice, their Music Bank stage/encore stage, and their MMTG episode if they come on there because the MC, JaeJae, asks and discusses the things I ACTUALLY want to know- how the song was produced, the members’ favourite parts, the difficult parts, the making of the song/MV and how the group has grown since their debut or their last comeback. I like learning about the actual music and art, not their personal lives or how many girlfriends they’ve had.

I also used to watch their VLives or Instagram lives, but I don’t have the time to do that anymore. If it’s EXO, I watch their behind the scenes videos, too.


Aw the vocals & JUNHO

Who would not want that man standing behind you helping you get something - just saying!


Happiness Press Conference - You Can Hear - HyungSikkie’s voice!!! Nov 5th premiere!

He makes the noise!!! Just for you!


Or tying your hair up or hugging you at the train station because he’s relieved to see you…



This is like YUM!!!
I wanted something like mousse very yummy



I knew you would love that!



I was skipping through just for his parts and forgot I couldn’t speak Korean. There was one par that was so cute, I’d guess he was talking about himself and then got suddenly embarrassed. lol


A lot of our guys are so HUMBLE!


SM’s legendary Halloween festival “SMTOWN WONDERLAND”
The costumes really are amazing, though I do miss Key and Chanyeol stealing the show :sweat_smile:

@sweetybirdtoo I DARE YOU to guess which NCT member this is:

Remembered the 2019 KFC vs McDonalds fight between Key and Onew​:joy::joy: