Share your crochet!


thanks! I thought there was more than this in the world!


ok mine isn’t perfect, and not like it was shown oh you tube
random acts of crochet kindness

these are called worry worms,
Z neat idea, has a card to go along with it like the one above.

those look soooo together, I do plan to try again. maybe they will look better


@frustratedwriter these are so cute, their eyes make them alive :blush:


They even have an expression!


My favorite color - my hair highlights are this color pretty much! How beautiful!


my first try at a cross


random acts of crochet kindness on facebook, I( have gotten projects to do, when finished just leave them around, gives people a smile so heres a picture of a few I have made, it isn’t a great picture but it will give you an idea
that cross is included

these are worry worms and book marks


this is part of whats being made

I didn’t make this one

working on this one


That’s so cool!


this is someone elses, but thought I’d share this one.
a Magnolia tree!


Wow, that’s some artwork here!!


these I just leave out for others to find
1, the book worm. I’m a little bookworm, cute as cute can be,I promise to stay and listen it you will read to me.
2.when your worries become too severe, pull me out and draw me near, I will be there3 have no fear, your worry worm will bring you cheer


this is another shared one, hydrengia


That is so beautiful! :blue_heart:


its been awhile, but I thought I would share this one
(random acts of crochet kindness) Facebook


I love these they are beautiful!!! :heart:


those are so cute.



I was going to put this on laugh for the day but thought it would be better here



heres another flower