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I just finished a hat for my daughter, you’d think she was 3, or something, wanting a mushroom hat, but no, she’s going to wear this to high school, over her blue & purple hair. lol

For days I’ve been trying to decide if I should buy a pattern, I absolutely love it, I think I might just cave in and buy the pattern.

Ravelry: Coral Story Blanket pattern by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk


That is so cute.


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If this doesnt work, go to pinterest and find candy cane covers

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Just replying if it help with your issues to posting more. Like the pot and pebbles, I’d probably end up watering it too! :laughing:


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As the saying goes, it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for. :scream:


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Fun topic! @irmar and @piranna, how did you decide to start with the lessons? This is really cool - irmar obviously does quite intricate patterns, and is also a detailed teacher. Do you teach others?

I’ve been doing some crochet for maybe 4 years or so; I taught myself that and knitting (again - I’d done at least knitting, and possibly crochet, when I was little and my grandma taught me) because I really like (mainly the idea of :smile:) these traditional and self-reliant skills. It’s rewarding to know you’ve made something yourself like that - created the whole fabric with your hands, and the design. But very frustrating, too!

Motivation to complete things and just to work on them is something I find really hard. I like it, but I don’t want to do it :thinking::grin:. Gotta work on that. I did manage to make my nephew a beanie recently - it took a year, but it was lovely yarn and he liked it a lot.

What do you (anyone) enjoy most about crochet or knitting? What do you do to get yourself through the stages you don’t love doing?

Btw, I cannot understand how people do these at the same time as watching TV! I have to pay intimate attention to every stitch I make, because when I start to daydream, for example, it goes wrong.


Here are two of my current projects:

These are supposed to become gloves/hand-warmers, with lining. I have to sew them together on the long sides and create the thumb piece. But I like the variegated yarn so much that I don’t want to cover it up on the inside… so I’m putting off finishing it :grin:

This is a cover for my phone, which I’ll line with something soft that cleans it as it goes in and out (it’ll be sewn together longways, so this is double-width).


Yes, I’m willing to teach whoever asks me. But if you’ve been crocheting for 4 whole years, you obviously don’t need any lessons, you’re in a position to give them!

Of course I only do it with simple, repetitive patterns, not the ones where you have to look at the written pattern or chart all the time, or need counting. I feel the work with my fingers to find where to stick the crochet into. And I do look at the work from time to time.

You also choose a simple show, not the best ones where you don’t want to miss a single frame, because you savour every single face expression or line of dialogue. You know, the ones that are slightly cliché and a bit boring, that you would otherwise perhaps drop. But they are good as background visual stimulation and noise.


as for watching tv? try watching our kdramas with subs, now really funny, miss a stitch here & there, and have to tear up a project to redo the stitches! but still, love watching & crocheting!! and like Irmar said, you just learn the contineous stitches and all and go on from there. a simple show, hehehehe, yes a bit boring as well. and you will learn the how to watch, listen and crochet, hard at first, but myou will get the hang of it,

and yes I could do some teaching too, but I don’t note left hand right hand, I am right and someone left, not sure I can do it


Ah, if you do it online, from a screen, it’s easy peasy, because it’s inverted anyway. Your right hand looks left to them.


I didn’t ask because I want lessons :slightly_smiling_face:, but out of curiosity about whether you already do this. Since it sounds like you know how to go through all the steps, are encouraging, and have lots of good skills at it yourself.

It makes sense that it could be done while watching shows like that. I think maybe I’m just not at the point, yet, of being able to do it that easily. But it’s a thought for the next time I’m watching something I’m frustrated with, but still want to finish, or for the good bits. It might be fun, at least, to see what gets produced!


now myself I love making stuff & giving it away




Ha! ‘Professional Yarn Collector’ :smile: