Share your crochet!


hey a good one, thank you!!


ok I have been working on the accumulated yarn, got it looking nice in my craft room, but look it


like lifeweaver said

Ha! ‘Professional Yarn Collector, thats me!!




I know that this is the crochet thread, but I feel like this thought can be applied to watching K/C/T-dramas, as if reading subtitles doesn’t require any effort or concentration at all. :wink::sweat_smile:


oh yeah, so much fun trying to crochet, watch our favorite dramas and the subs, then see a mistake and tear it out and do it again, just love it!!!


we crocheters/knitters etc need a laugh too


there was more but thought this was enough

sorry but couldn’t put this on here any other way

this group wont let me add any stuff

so golad I can do this


So I saw at Aldi this crochet packs of Wollabies… but the instructions are in another languages I don’t understand nor can I figure out which one it is. I thought I could make an easy project animals for my grandsons… yeah easy projects with no instructions.

As we have the net and YT it wasn’t difficult to find a similar “pet”; my little one loves dinosaurs he makes the authentic roooaaarrr, so a dino/dragon it is. I saw a video over 1 hr long with the instructions and it’s so cute so that will be my next project.

Btw I discovered a Japanese word Amigurumi… it’s for little creatures with like oversized head… I’ll make something like this… there so so many varieties :heart_eyes:


I made this one a few years ago, it was a free pattern

Although I think you should make something like this…
Can you imagine how long it’d take?
JustBrightIdeas or TotallyTheBomb (both .com) not sure which is the original


Haha, I saw this pic and thought it would take me a year to finish, it’s so cute!!! :heart_eyes:
I love your dragon, it’s so sweet… now which one I will make? Yours seems a bit bigger, my grandboy would probably prefer that, I’d add some wings as well… have to look in my “inventory” of yarns :rofl: what color I have! Thanks for the link!!!


I seen this one and thought it was awesome
my apologies if this is plagerism, I just thought sharing what I seen & found was ok

a crocheted puppy


this is not mine, crocheted foxglove


how about these??

they look so real!!


Is this furry animal really made with crochet?


How tricky, you can only see it when up close, there 2 flowers that are real :wink:


I recently crocheted a Rubic’s Cube and a soccer ball for my cousins out of the country. I don’t have pictures (I thought I did), but I’ll put a link to the patterns in case anyone wants to try them out.

I’ve also started sewing plushies since last year. I’m better at using a sewing machine now, so I feel more confident. However, I still like to crochet. I’m currently working on designing my own doll pattern for a character from a game. It’s taking forever, but I’m not in too much of a rush.


Just sharing a cute video related to crafting!


Wow, that’s a great idea, never thought of making a ball with crochet!!

I watched her other videos, how is this even possible with wool, the cutting of the cake or pizza and sort of boiling pasta, this is mind-numbing!!!:rofl:

I’ll be making a baby blanket for my arriving granddaughter… I’m still contemplating whether to crochet or knit. - Yesterday, I opened the huge storage bag full of wool yarn, many of them acrylics I’m not fond of acryl. My first baby blanket I knitted for my first child were used by my 3 kids and 2 grandsons, I used then a special baby wool, it’s still like new.

I will try to crochet a cotton baby hat as well. Too bad, my grandma could crochet and knit without patterns anything, hats, sweaters, jacket and even a coat. So I’ll see how to figure it out.
Also anyone crochet pot holders? I made few of them with cotton yarn and will make one for a friend I’m visiting soon. I will see if I can find a pic from 2019 :joy:


It’s so creative an addicting to watch! I keep watching over and over :smile:

I knew that there are patterns for small crochet balls, like with amigurumi or something, but I didn’t know how to make a larger ball until I went through the pattern. It’s just attaching hexagons to pentagons, and then they make a sphere shape. It was really cool to watch the development!

Which one is easier for you? Or what design would you like to make? That might help with the decision. I can knit, but it takes me forever whereas crochet is easier for me (and hurts my wrist less).

I haven’t crocheted with cotton yarn in a long time. I’m not too fond of its texture, but it makes really neat looking clothing!


looks awesome!

this is what i am going to make


toilet paper covers. got an air freshener one too
now I understand these aren’t popular now, so guess I am going to have to find something else to do


I researched these and looks like I am going to have to find something else to do!