Share your crochet!


hey a good one, thank you!!


ok I have been working on the accumulated yarn, got it looking nice in my craft room, but look it


like lifeweaver said

Ha! ‘Professional Yarn Collector, thats me!!




I know that this is the crochet thread, but I feel like this thought can be applied to watching K/C/T-dramas, as if reading subtitles doesn’t require any effort or concentration at all. :wink::sweat_smile:


oh yeah, so much fun trying to crochet, watch our favorite dramas and the subs, then see a mistake and tear it out and do it again, just love it!!!


we crocheters/knitters etc need a laugh too


this one is for the books, don’t know who would wear these

there was more but thought this was enough

sorry but couldn’t put this on here any other way

this group wont let me add any stuff