Share your crochet!



crocheted easter lily, and it isnt mine


I can and have spent hours just scrolling through patterns and bookmarking them or saving them to my YouTube tutorial playlist! This is too accurate lol. It’s similar to how I’ll spend a lot of time looking for dramas to watch but I don’t actually watch them!


yes same here both the patterns , either sewing or crocheting, AND of course the dramas for later…


oh my goodness!
this isnt mine

My Crochet Swiss cheese plant 😃…/crochet-monsteraswiss-cheese-plant?


more crocheted flowers![


Flowers in support of Ukraine🇺🇦.

Crochet Lilies in blue and yellow.

Tutorial by MarysCrochetStories

Link here:…/lily-crochet-pattern-photo…


Pretty! I read the headlines and at first glance, I thought it said, “Share your crocodile” :roll_eyes: :laughing:


That sounds like a name for a drama based on a Webtoon :smiley:


That’s so beautiful!!! I’m knitting a baby blanket… the yarn is so thin it will take me forever :astonished:, but it must be done by the end of July…


would you believe sock bunnies??



When I was about to order more wool yarn, I explored the blog page of the yarn shop and learned one interesting fact that crochet or knitting can help reducing high blood pressure!

Read up about more health benefits when crochet or knitting, I knew about the Arthritis, as my mom’s friend struggled with it and therefore started knitting socks for friends and family.


another one I should keep, from 10-14 good to know!! I put it in my bookmarks, thanks for a heads up!!


About pot holders, anyone? I made 2 in 2019 as gifts and I was recently asked to make another pair for my friend I‘ll be visiting. I felt knitting was faster than crochet. The crochet was then my first in a while, so it looks amateurish, after that I decided to knit :rofl::rofl:


yes I sometimes make them as well


ok I shared this on the plant one, but gotta share it here, cause its crochet, and its not mine,


Just found thisa and thought I’d share

well looks like this link won’t let me put stuff on here, so going to try it this way


I just came across this idea on Twitter. The tweet says…

Eva Pacheo, a local crochet teacher and her students in Alhaurín de la Torre, in Malaga, Spain, collaboratively created a massive canopy of patchwork crochet to create shade for their community





This young guy hopes to be a surgeon. An 11-year old crochet prodigy who has been working with handcrafts since he was 5 years old…