So..they took our addresses etc, and did anyone get anything?

Apparently I was not aware of the end of year gift last year. I did not know or they did not ask me to sign up for it.

This year, I was surprised to be asked for my name, address, etc… :slight_smile:

Anyway - when does this gift usually arrive? it seems eons ago that they requested the addresses. :slight_smile:

Has anybody got one yet?

Curiosity made me post this one. :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

I don’r know if I 1. don’t know whatr your talking about 2. I only don’t know cause my account is to new or 3. they just skiped to ask me but I gues it is all from this.

I don’t have any idea what you are talking about… :confused:

Two years ago, I also completed this form, and I received gift from viki. You can see pictures here :

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They did contact QCs and gave out codes to use as a coupon at Yesaia.
At this stage there were already QCs that didn’t get the mail, I am not talking about the fresh QCs, I think you either needed a certain amount of contribution and/or time you already contributed.
Then there was trouble with the codes, so they said they would send out new ones. Not everyone got that code either.
So this action of viki was not that flawless, but after contacting them, you would normally get it …

I don’t know how this whole conversation at the discussion board missed your attention?

Anyway the code expired on the 31st december 2017, don’t ask me how they will handle it, if one complaines now.


Wait a second, so this year’s gift(qc gift for 2017)is a coupon from yesasia? Didn’t get it but I got the yesstyle one earlier this year as 2016 qc gift.


No, not for 2017, I don’t think there is one of the year 2017 yet, don’t they normally not adress that matter the earliest in january the following year?

@dudie @lutra
I received an email in November regarding the 2017 QC gift. It’s not a coupon this time. I think they’ve gone back to the old gifting system, because they asked for everyone’s name and address. The forms had to be completed by November 30th if I’m not mistaken.

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I know but some post did confuse me

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I never received anything of the sort. Some other mails from them, regarding other matters, but not this.

I received the same email in November for the 2017 QC gift. They took my name and my address.

vikicommunity about 2 months ago
Hello QCs,

The end of the year is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the QC gifts! A huge thank you to all of you for your contributions and making the community as amazing as it is!

In order for us to send you your QC gift, we’ll need your mailing information. Please fill out the form linked below by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 5pm PST.

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@irmar That’s odd. If you’re using Gmail, try checking your social or promotion mail boxes. Most of my Viki QC emails end up going there rather than my main mailbox. I got the same message in my Viki inbox as well. You might want to contact the Help Centre since the form they sent out is no longer accepting submissions :frowning:

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@dudie, @youraverageangel

LOL Just went back to my inbox and since I “somehow” still waited for the code, I wouldn’t use anyway, for the QC gift 2016 …

I don’t think I realized that the mail was about the gift for 2017, so well … I do not think I put my data on that form. It consoles me in one way - It s a good thing for the environment, that there is one package less to be moved from a to b.

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