[Solved] Error: Refreshing the page defaults language to English in Subtitle Editor


Aha! so I am not going crazy! phew :slight_smile:


Yes. For me Subtitle Editor goes to Spanish. I change it to English, work on that part, then go to the next part and I find it’s again in Spanish.


Yes ! I get the same problem and it’s a bit frustrating


Yup! It’s been a week or maybe more since I have started facing this problem. I heard someone saying that maybe it’ll be taken care within this month. Let’s hope that’s the case.



That used to happen a lot years back and it had stopped, but is coming back again, and I believe to stay for a long time to come…There are new changes that will be taking effect very soon, and many surprises awaits us. A new era of RViki is coming soon, and I hope for the better.


Seriously I’m getting fed up and Im really lagging behind in editing because of this.


Ι still have this thing. If I have to edit several parts and jump from one to the other, refreshing every time to get from Spanish to English is such a waste of time, and quite irritating.


Nothing’s gone wrong for me in the Subtitle Editor area since I do English to English anyway… but I’ve noticed that the interface language randomly changes to Spanish for me sometimes! :flushed: I just clicked on a channel link and the whole interface turned Spanish.


I also do English to English, my site interface is English, yet every time I go to some other part, or to the Bulk Editor or I refresh the part I’m in, it’s Spanish. Not even Italian or Greek, but Spanish.


Same here. Well, if I refresh, it stays in English, but when I open the editor or go to a new part, the system suddenly seems to think I’m a Portuguese subber. :thinking:


Supposedly they are working on fixing this issue. Let’s hope soon because this is very time consuming to keep choosing the language needed each time you have to refresh page for any reason…


Ah, I see you’ve gotten the same response as I did from Viki.

Interface around the Subtitle Editor or…?


The first post in this thread was August 7th, and it’s now September 1st. They sure are taking their sweet time with this one.


I don’t think they know about this.


I think they do, based on what Bozoli said:


Oh then its fine.
As @irmar said already it annoys you so much when you jump from one part to the other


I guess the problem is solved (for me). Earlier, I used to get these languages,
English to English
BahasaIndonesia to English
German to English

Now, I get English to English (if I did English editing in last sub. editor) or English to Hindi (If I did Hindi editing in last sub. editor)

Anyone else’s issue solved?


Yes, a few days back it changed to how it should be for me.

Before that, I got English to English. Now I get English to German, the way it should be.


It was solved for me a few hours ago as well!
(Is it because we made ruckus or is it a coincidence?)


I think it’s pure coincidence :joy::joy::joy:

By the way just checked and it’s back to normal Eng to Telugu