Songs That Touch Your Heart And SOUL 💜



Oh my Word he can SANG


Ones that speak to the soul? That brings tears to the eyes the first time you hear it? Ok. Deal!

My voice is generic soprano. Nothing special. I love songs that have interesting key changes and are complex musically. But there are a few ballad types I like. Songs like EXO’s -Monster I like for it’s complex key changes.

Onew- Nessum Dorma - Such a beautiful voice. I like Onew’s voice.

Primeaux and Mike - Cathedral -

Gaho - Stay here - I get shivers down my spine when he hits the low notes. :sunglasses:

Onewe - A book in memory

This song has such a pretty melody. Truthfully, I don’t really care for the guitar solo in the middle. It is too ‘rock’ and noisy for my tastes but I put up with it because I love the song. :sunglasses: Maybe that solo is just too loud compared to the rest of the song - I like the instrumental in the rest of the song.
Ooo! This is a trip! Wear headphones., left and right separation. They are singing live and they are GOOD!

MMA 2020 Code Kunst + Jannabi Choi Jung-hoon + Simon Dominic PERFORMANCE - For the gone

I don’t know what it is about this song that appeals to me but I like it.

Wonho - Losing you - Pink hair English version

_Audio is kinda messed up on this one.
Good audio

IF this isn’t a true love song, I don’t know what qualifies. :sunglasses:

Roberta Flack - The first time I ever saw your face.

Here’s an OLDIE GOLDIE - You are so beautiful - by Joe Cocker

Oh - this one is REALLY old! Bobby Goldsboro - Honey I love you. It’s a country song - probably one of the rare country songs that I like. It’s so sad.

My Eden - by Ysabel -OST from Kangchi the beginning.

The Gumiho’s (Choi Jin Hyuk) cave in this show was so beautiful! I need to watch this again. :sunglasses:

Oh! How can I forget BLUE! by Onew! I LOVE the lightning in this MV!


OOoo! My gosh! He has an INCREDIBLE RANGE!
Is he Dimash Kudaibergen?

He’s getting up there near the ultra-sonic range. :sunglasses: How in the heck can a guy sing that high a note? I’m a soprano and I can’t hit that note!


I am a contralto I might hit the low notes but will never make it up there.

A song that will always bring me goosebumps.

And this one is about having the knowledge to love.

And if you come to the point where you can’t stand a lot of things going on in this world, and you want to scream it out until your voice breaks.

This one from the same singer is about child abuse and how dare someone thinks he/she has the right to hurt a child’s body and/or mind.


He goes into fal·set·to. He is amazing


Wonho’s song after he left his group. And the ending with the fans holding up phones. He was so afraid of losing everyone’s love. Well he’s got my LOVE, he’s amazing and what happened to him and the group is truly very sad


My BABE is home! He’s having his last day of muster for the military! Ok, I need a JUST JUNHO thread!


Nice! You’re a Mandisa fan! I followed her journey on American Idol, followed her on twitter at one point too, got the T- Shirt, and some other knick knacks! I’d have to check to see if I still follow her on twitter. ◉‿◉


Me too Fan since American Idol




Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!



I feel totally sappy just mentioning it, but… “Miniature Garden,” sung by the late, great Kaori Kawamura - a victim of merciless bullying who rose to pop stardom in the '80s and '90s, only to be cut down by cancer at 38.

Along with HaTa-san’s piano piece “Once in a Blue Moon,” “Miniature Garden” was the signature song from the very first drama I ever saw, “With Love,” on the long-defunct I-Channel, which later became AZN-TV. The song brings back not only the whole story but the full weight of all of the emotions tied up with it. Whoa - 'still puts a lump in my throat after 23 years…

“With Love”'s story was very similar to “You’ve Got Mail” - but was made before and released ten months earlier, so I’m thinking people on other sides of the planet had the same idea independently. Two people strike up an anonymous but deep email relationship after composer HaTa (Hasegawa Takashi,) accidentally sends a sound clip of his composition “Blue Moon” to the wrong address. They work in the same building, pass each other in the hallways every day and eventually develop a mutual dislike, neither suspecting that the other is their online soul mate.

Yeah, I would really, really like to see “With Love” again. So Dear Viki, dramas don’t have to be new to be great, and the Japanese lineup could use some fresh blood…


Way above mere songs that I like is Rapture by iiO but ONLY the soulside remix. The original version falls in the dance music genre so all fast B.P.M, energetic etc. same with remixes (except Soulside)

I can only describe it as tuned to the tempo and frequency of what it sounds like inside when I’m “in love” and it perfectly reflects the euphoria I felt when I first fell head over heels with my wife.
When I listen to it, I literally get to fall In love all over again.
At the first “And I soar like a bird in the wind” (3:15) the long drawn out ‘soar’ I experience (I labelled it the out of body experience bit) what feel like my soul rising out the top of my head in a kind of vortex to about 2 feet above me to fade into some kind of place.
By about the 4:50 mark and the 3rd section kicks in it’s so intense that all the preceding lyric’s meaning kind of morphs into a metaphysical I love my wife as much as I love my God in a ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’ kind of way. I’m left in a really deep contemplative thoughts on wife, love and God. With a kind of warm fuzzy connection with both (I’m not even religious! Better check for any subliminal messaging :thinking::rofl:)
The weird thing is that it’s the same experience every time, in the same parts, the same vortex feeling, same 3 subjects, so I try not to listen to it too much and definitely not out and about or operating heavy machinery. Had to listen 3-4 times locating sections to write this post, my hands are literally shaking, heart rate and breathing elevated. No other music or song has the same effect, not love songs, Binaural sounds, New Age music, Christian music etc.

Wife gets a “oh, no reason” hug out of the blue…


I had that song by Mandisa! Stronger! Yup!

Your second video is making me miss that spontaneous life from before, that freedom to live, and breathe freely! :ok_woman:t5:‍♀ :heavy_heart_exclamation: :blush:


Deep :heavy_heart_exclamation: it covers everything :blush:


Love this story already :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Was in two minds as to whether to post this one as it’s more a reaction to all the cancel culture/wrong think war that seem to be quite prevalent now-a-days.
Inspirational/philosophical then, poignant now.