Songs That Touch Your Heart And SOUL 💜


Your can still hear the German accent from Herbert Grönemeyer’s voice even after he lived in London for a longer time.

I really like the intention of Jim Kerr and Martha Wainwright by taking this older Simple Minds’ song and making aware of a “woman problem”, in some countries the medical support for pregnant women is still bad even after long years of promises called Millennium Development Goals. How far away are we from these goals?


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Lie #1 your suppose to have it all together, and when they ask how your doing you smile and tell them never better, Lie #2 everybodies life is perfect except yours…

I say I’m fine, but I’m not, I’m broken…


I love your interpretation of this song…so beautiful




And this oh my…


I love “Sikkie”


Some might have their problems with Iggy Pop, I am just amazed by this guy, even with his way of being edgy in various ways just so to be true to himself. He was a good friend of David Bowie …
Somehow I feel this old song is kind of up to date.

and this no less

Do you know Iggy Pop? What do you think of him?


I have not listened to him in a while. 2 other controversial artists are Marilyn Manson and * Eminem .I have watched interviews with Marilyn Manson he is actually a Brilliant Smart guy! And Eminem has dealt with so much abuse and issues in his life that he is able to bring to his music. Although I don’t really listen to either of them I respect them.

I will check out Iggy Pop


:heavy_heart_exclamation: Loved :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Silently listen to this song, so beautiful.


I wish you all a “Happy Easter!”
May joy, confidence and hope be always with you.

Stay safe :wink:



Yeah, I know of Iggy Pop, although I think at the time he was making quite the splash in the UK music charts, I had started to gravitate towards soul/R&B so maybe not paid too much attention, but hey, anyone who tried to smoke a spiders web just to see if he can get a high from it is alright in my books!:joy::joy::joy:


Talking of smoking to get high, it segues nicely to this topic, a dream I once had and this song (or just the part where the gospel choir sings the backing chorus)

A non-smoker my entire life. Life was pretty normal around the time of the dream, not going through a crisis/worries or anything. The dream went something like this.
I was in a room and all around were people sat on the floor leaning against the wall. One guy was smoking a joint and when he took a drag he’d pass it to the person to his right, who would then take a drag before passing it on.
This went on around the room and with each pass, I reached out to take the joint but it was never handed to me, so with each pass I would get a little hurt and upset. This went on until I couldn’t bare being ignored/not being accepted and ran out of the room in tears into the streets outside. In the empty street (no cars or people) I was crying from what just happened and felt utterly dejected.
A girl came out from an alleyway, she had a very notable white sweater with very large horizontal bands of light pink stripes. She came over and embraced me and began to sing very softly “Anytime you need a friend, I will be here” as she sang it felt as if she was charging me, that there was a transference of Love in to my very soul and I felt an incredible sense of being loved, oneness and contentment. When she finished the verse I said “Thank You” and she continued to sing, I tried to sing along with her but in comparison I wasn’t very good.

When I woke up I had tears rolling down my face and felt very at peace. Throughout the entire day I could feel emanating from within that ‘energy’ that was transferred into my very core, completely overwhelming me with a sense of peace, LOVE, wellbeing, joy, contentment and just about any other words I can find to try and describe the feeling I was experiencing. Even sounds were overwhelmed by it and made anything I heard seemed muffled like I was hearing underwater as my focus was very much “within”.
The girl in the dream is one that has appeared in my dreams a few times. Always the same approx. 8~10 years of age and always with the same distinct 1920s bob hairstyle that’s been ‘hair of gold’ through to jet black but always instantly recognisable as being the same person whether she’s at the forefront of the dream or milling about in the background with no interaction, but always happy at her appearance. There was nothing out of the ordinary about her (apart from that one time she had hair of gold), no “there’s something about her” in her presence, she didn’t glow, was super pretty, the true definition of grace, nothing. Every appearance and interaction right up to when she sang had been so incredibly ordinary. Then BLAM! Who knew this deceptively ordinary looking girl had the freakin’ power of God behind her! With the ability of transferring love from inside my dream to have it manifest in my waking reality.
Some of the songs here, you can see why they’re special for others. Be it they’re beautifully sung and melodic or have some powerful message behind it etc. yet Christian or gospel songs, despite combining both doesn’t do anything for me. Even this song, though it showcases Mariah’s incredible range, hitting highs that causes dolphins to beach themselves, this track is pretty ‘meh’ for me, but touches the heart and SOUL? In a round about kind of way, DEFINITELY!


I don’t know if I posted these songs here before - I don’t think so actually to most of you who go with the music threads here know by now that I am fully into rock music.
“While my Guitar Gently Weeps” is one song that gets me every time, but today I am here to bring some songs with acoustic guitar - plucking my heart and soul each time.

The first song is about the painter Vincent Van Gogh and how hard he must have struggled in his days getting no attention as an artist, if you think how hard it was for him to make a living most of the time it was his brother buying his paintings or giving him money. Today we are amazed how colorful his paintings were and how generous he was in the use of color to make the structure in the pictures more lively, if only he had gotten a bit of the money his paintings bring in today, maybe he wouldn’t be known as the painter who cut off an ear.

The 2nd song is by a singer I heard a lot in my early childhood, in the early 70’s. I didn’t know his name, I didn’t know he died early, I would find this out later in times of the internet and the first time watching this video brought tears to my eyes.

Cat Stevens was always on the radio even over decades, even when he quit music some time, and he changed his name to Yusuf based on the religion he chose. There is nothing extraordinary about this song, but its message Peace Train, how I wish everyone could join this train and the world would finally work on becoming a better place.

Music starts at 1.15 if you want to skip his little speech at the beginning.


I know I will get a warning from Viki right when I start to write that I am posting too much, way too much and should give others a chance to do so - well I am not taking their chances, they might just have fewer songs they are touched by than me - maybe they like the dance music more, or prefer another thread to post in … I will leave it at that, but hey the alarm didn’t pop up this time maybe because I already ignored it last time.
A song that hurts and the older you get, the more it gets to you at least that’s what I realize - TRIGGER WARNING - yes it is a sad song, not originally sung by J. Cash but Nine Inch Nails, if you every saw a documentary or the movie about J.Cash and what life he lived, you can feel all the pain. It was the last video he made and soon after he died finally reuniting with the love of his life, the wife who went a few months before him.


Just wanted to share that song…


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Is there anything you can share with us about this song? I get the mood but do you know more about it?