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This song Insa is sung by Kim Jae Jung and feels very sad… as the movie’s (2006) ending is (the girl dies with cancer), but it’s sung with such compassion it’s about saying Goodbye, Fly Away Love (Sarang, saranghae) and the arrangement touches my heart, listen to the end as the beginning is a bit slow.


Shoot, now I’m going to have to find that movie!


We got to see so many stories of this kind of drama now more and more dramas the cancer patients survive, or they will leave an open end to let the viewer’s imagination decide.

The Scent of Love was a quiet drama as I would call it. Where you could say the 2nd lead got the girl, but it’s not that easy as the story is filled with a lot of things. He is younger than her, and she decides to marry as she is expected to a guy her age, and it isn’t as she wouldn’t like her first husband, or husband to be it has been ages since I watched this one, needed some tissues all the way through. I don’t know for sure if they married or if the marriage didn’t happen, because the guy died, guess how he was killed - giving you a hint, it happens a lot in K-drama ( Did you guess it was the white truck of doom? You were right.) Anyway as our real male lead is young, she doesn’t take him serious at first, but they do get closer.
Anyway … I don’t know if there is even a possibility to still watch this drama. Don’t tell me American sources, they are no option for me.

Translation of the lyrics - English

an English song they used and I started listening to once again after decades because of this drama

These songs all trigger certain feelings and memories in my mind. I really like them even with their sad touch.


It’s on the same web as the song, look for the newer version…


When I heard that song I thought it really conveys a sense of sadness and the movie must be a real tear-jerker. Just watched it and have to say I really liked it. The small town folks & orphans were hilarious and the sad scenes effective. :cry: editing a bit choppy around 3/4 mark.
Her illness wasn’t cancer, which in other films renders the character bed/wheelchair bound and listless towards the end. It was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition (very specific subs!) This added the extra peril that she could go at any moment and they could keep her character reasonably bubbly and active throughout.
Anyway this isn’t meant to be a film review, just that it was a nice find off your post of the OST.


It’s bilangual, if you want a translation for the German parts let me know.


Goodness of God
By Cece Winans



I love Hot Chocolate not only the drink but this one …


Hola a todxs💜
Ya vieron el MV de ASTRO ‘ONE’ está super increíble​:heart_eyes::fire:
Son 6 chicos super talentosos👏🏻
Espero que disfruten de tremendo arte.
Así que aquí les dejo el link para que vayan a verlo:


Somehow this song doesn’t get old for me

or this one


Yeah, I have a couple that have just been released. Please listen to them:


I stumbled many years ago over the Newsboys, it’s a Christian Rock band, I’m not that religious but find the their songs interesting, the melody is right and the lyrics kinda motivational…

I first listened to Christian Rock band when I chaperoned my daughter (who then went to a Catholic High School) on a school trip to Washington DC to participate in March of Life… I wasn’t much prepared what to expect, anyway it was a very interesting experience but again I’m not Catholic so…

I just love this song :heart_eyes:


:musical_note:The Girl is Mine!:notes:

Michael on
Dancing & Singing
:notes::business_suit_levitating::man_dancing:t5: Bllie Jean :business_suit_levitating::man_dancing:t5::musical_note:


Have you listened to Christian rock group Petra, and Christian artist Carmen. If not, I think you’ll find them awesome too. I’ve listened to Newsboy, and Sonic, also I follow both on twitter, and Third Day music who I think disbanded.




Maybe you want to look it up, if you haven’t found it already?


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Share great music in any language you @lutra
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Do not mistake these words are not mine, but from the topic about Christian music, you see the thin gray line on the right?
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Oh ok - got ya! I was just wanting to have uplifting music posts - no political or religious banter needed just listen if you wanna!:heart_eyes_cat: