Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


I’m assuming you all know about Soompi. Recently boredom has driven me to the point where I sit all day answering Soompi quizzes and laughing at my results.
They haven’t got a single one right in all of these-- to them I’m a middle-aged woman no matter what I do:joy::woman_facepalming:

Tell me if your results came out right :smile: And share any quizzes u thought were especially hilarious!


I got the accidental kiss!:sweat_smile::joy:
Let’s face it, the chances of you actually asking someone out on a date are basically zero. You want all the heart-eyes and butterflies of romance but it’s terrifying to think of putting yourself out there. You need the Magical Helping Hand of Destiny in your corner. Destiny’s here to give you a shove on a slippery floor. The next thing you know, you’re flying across the room and straight onto the lips of that incredibly hot actor over there minding his own business. Your eyes lock, you both freak out and scream, arguing ensues, and the next thing you know, you’re getting married! Destiny’s work here is done.
I actually I wish I had such a lucky destiny lol

Segue Cafe - meet up with friends to chat about whatever strikes your fancy
Segue Cafe - meet up with friends to chat about whatever strikes your fancy

Yepp, it is hilarious - I just found my fountain of youth, Soompi just cut my age by almost 50 %

You are 25-30 years old!

This is too funny but I have to admit that I had to be spontaneous on two questions, as I had not watched any of it or wouldn’t call it my favorite under normal conditions.

Not going to tell you which one I have, but well at least my blood type was correctly guessed.

As for the concert question not going for this one because I guess it’s more pop orientated, so I do not know too many groups.


It’s just means you’re a bit smarter than your age, which is not a bad thing :smirk:

Mine came up just right age-wise. I am sooo average :joy: I suppose this is what I get from putting originality of the script first before choosing what to watch (before male babes):

You’re a K-drama junkie. You love everything from the classics to any new modern K-drama with a twist. At this point, you’ll pretty much watch any K-drama almost every day of the week!


Haven’t tried it yet, I think either I am a baby in that field or either 100 yo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You are 31-35 years old!
Nope, but the description does fit me :thinking:

Still young at heart - you love pretty much any K-drama with a good storyline! Whether it’s political or a sappy romantic story, you’ll watch it. You can appreciate any theme and cast as long as it’s good.


What can you say? You love a good romantic series – especially if it’s a romantic comedy. You can also appreciate the more mature and classic K-dramas, but your heart is with the traditional romance fairy-tales!

Yeah my heart belongs to … But I like them all @bozoli I took that as well storyline over flower boys.

I thought Kim Sam Soon and choosing storyline over male leads would give me extra points for age, but seems it didn’t.

good romantic series - that’s the point, but I am not really into fluffy style

Your laugh for the day

yses my laugh for the day, wwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy off ! 15-19 now if I retake it there will ba a different score, they didn’t even have healer on there whats with that???

ok so I retook it just now same 15-19, hey thats ok by me, makes me feel younger! 58 years younger? yep ok with me. hey thanks for the laugh!!

I checked out the music one, so I am over 25, not bad
blood type AB I think thats right too cool!!


wow I must be the only one whose age was increased…guess I’m an old soul lol :joy:


and a wise one at that, bet I’m older than you! and if not, lets just laugh about it ok?


lutra just take it, I didn’t know half of them, but its still interesting


Gosh! I must be down and bored today!
Did anyone try this one? I am in house 5, where are you?

You might spend your entire time in this particular house adopting animals and playing with dogs. Not a bad way to spend some quarantine time though, am I right?! Especially when these actors are hanging around!

Your house includes:
Sung Hoon
Park Seo Joon
Nam Joo Hyuk
Park Hae Jin


:joy::joy: Proof of my foolishness is the amount of time I shamelessly and unregrettingly waste over these quizzes… some of them are soooo dumb, like
They’re really weird, but I can’t help giggling like an idiot whenever I get a result I like :sweat_smile::joy:


So far I only did one quiz; the one about ‘‘actors you are quarantining with.’’ and it was totally wrong since it guessed I would quarantine with an actor I don’t like his acting and never bothered watching any of his dramas.

In regards to age this quiz seems to go with the way we ‘‘feel inside’’ Some of us are very mature in the way we think and act, and others are very childish like, and very naive/innocent in their thinking. I always felt @frustratedwriter writes like a young person although she has mentioned her age several times and the Quiz just gave the age ‘‘she feels inside her’’ the soul/spirit young at heart or ''old and wise beyond their years.

I remember when I was in my teens the quiz I took always mentioned how I was ‘‘old before my years’’ and in the family everyone treats me like I’m the older one, and respect everything I tell them to do when I ‘‘scold them’’ I took a a test in the Doctor’s office and he told me that my ‘‘insides’’ were of a younger person (I was healthy for my age). 20 something years later the Doctor said my body was very deteriorated and was around 15 years older inside than my actual physical age.

At that moment it made me feel very depressed bc that’s exactly how I felt inside, very old and tired, sick and fed up of feeling sick. But all that can change, if we change our thinking, we change our diet, we exercise more, and of course, ‘‘worry less.’’ I realized that everything in life has a solution, and is in our hands not to stay in that stage of feeling sorry for ourselves. We can do something ourselves and try to change things for the better. We must never accept defeat and we must continue to move on.

PS. I believe the person in charge of doing this quiz are/is very young, and the outcome would be totally different if it was done by a more mature person. I tried changing my answers differently and it was still too off. They are hilarious.


maybe they thought a little sparks flying would occupy you during quarantine, keep things interesting :joy:

They must be…all their bios show them to be quite young ppl…I doubt older people would make such weird quizzes in the first place :joy:


Well, in magazines like Cosmopolitan they use older people to create these quiz, and their results are more accurate.

Soompi, is geared more towards the younger audience, and of course if a more mature/way older person like me takes these kinds of ‘‘quiz,’’ the outcome is obviously not going to be accurate at all.

PS. That specific actor will not even spark a spark plug bc he’s too serious and rarely smiles in dramas (I’ve never seen him smile) Either he put too much Botox on his face or he takes his roles too seriously bc he has a ‘‘stone face’’ I honestly ask myself how he has stayed in the acting business . I won’t say his name bc it’s not fair to him, and is just my opinion bc I know many ppl. who like him especially the stone face way he is. :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


ok you guys you got me hooked! so funny! heres mine

Result Image

You might spend your entire time in this particular house adopting animals and playing with dogs. Not a bad way to spend some quarantine time though, am I right?! Especially when these actors are hanging around!

Your house includes:
Sung Hoon
Park Seo Joon
Nam Joo Hyuk
Park Hae Jin


Well, hello there! We are in the same house!!! :house_with_garden::rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oh dear! oh well think it would be fun anyway, abnnd with me loving animals, hahahahaha


just laugh with it! not to be serious, hey with me being 15, what do the kids say? I rule!! I think its funny and me a spring chicken and didn’t know it!! I admit I took it twice, second tome 25. so take it with a grain of salt. no big thing



You have pets? You never mentioned them. We have a small chihuahua; my ‘‘granddaughter’’ (she’s my youngest daughter baby). Spoiled and has more clothes than I have. Understands English and Spanish and she’s too smart for her own good.

The quiz said you are 15? I have to take that one and see how old I’ll be in that one. lol
That’s the purpose of the quiz to make you happy and entertained but they too far off so is definitely hilarious like @vivi_1485 said.