Spanish - English Subbers needed. Please Help

hello would you be interested in subbing You and Me a telenovela we are looking for spanish to english subbers

please pm or the channel manager if you are interested.



I can help with spanish-english subs if you still need some help :slight_smile:
I’m available during weekends and afternoons

HiI can help with spanish-english subs,

Hi Meyliz_!I am watching You and Me here on Viki, a telenovela from Venezuela and I noticed that only the first four episodes are subtitled in english.I really like this show and I noticed that you can help with spanish-english subs.I would really appreciate any kind of help.Thanks.

Hi, i can help you with translated for spanish to english.

hello!!! amm l would want to help with this… if the help is still needed…=) I have never tried this but since spanish is my native lenguaje I think I can help…

Thank you rosario_florez and yeyo0826 for offering to subtitle the"You and Me" series!I really appreciate it!The help is still much needed if you have the time and you are willing to do it.Itwould be amazing!Thanks!

well, what is the name of the Venezuelan novel, if I can even help with taste.

Hi Meyliz_!The name of the Venezuela novel is “You and Me”.I f you can offer any kind of help with the english subtitles that would be great.Thank you!

I can help sub both in Spanish and in English. I f you still need help get back at me.

If you still need help… I can do spanish to english mostly on weekends.

yes it be very helpfull if someone subs beware of the angel episode 36 and morethank you dear

I can help too :slight_smile:

Can I help you?

Are you still needing spanish to english subbers? I will like to help. Thanks.