Squid Game - Love it or hate it?


It’s definitely not my cup, but I’m OK with whatever popularises Kdrama.


Ha! Good point! I am bemused about how some of my non-Korean friends are trying to make Dalgona/Bbopgi/Gookja (뽑기), which is the Honeycomb Toffee Shape candy in the 2nd game. I used to make them for my kids when they were little. :smiley:


Yeah, I keep getting recommendations for it on Youtube :laughing:. I guess a lot of people are searching for it


This is a very interesting video that makes us see a clear picture of this controversial Korean movie obviously mimicking movie [A million/ 2009] in a more modern way. SPOILERS included.


I am really grateful that the thread successfully managed to cover all spoilers!
I think I’ll give it a try, this is definitely something new in the market, and then decide for myself if it’s good or not.


I started watching it recently. I’m at episode 3 now. The story/concept is shocking yet intriguing, I think that’s why many people watched it.

I’m relieved that there isn’t much of physical torture (except the fight scene in ep 1) and when people are killed, they get killed with one shot. They are not killed in a slowly/brutal way.


I noticed 3 translation mistakes in episode 1 in the Dutch translation.
The one I remembered was in the scene where the main lead tries to withdrawal money with his mother’s (?) card.The card declines and he says:
‘It (the code) must be my mother’s birthday’, meaning that’s the code he tried,
the Dutch translation said: ‘Then it must be my mother’s birthday.’, indicating he hadn’t tried that yet and will try it now.

The first game Red Light, Green Light was also literally translated as Rood Licht, Groen Licht even though we have a different name for it: Annamaria Koekoek. I thought that was really weird since this game is so well-known around the world and almost every language has a different name for it.


Interesting about the Red Light, Green Light game. I guess that would fall in the category of literal translation. For myself, it seemed that the number of mistranslations increased as the series progressed. However, I did learn that there were two different English subtitles, one for dubbing script and one for original script. I am not sure which subtitles I read but the consensus seems to be that the translation for the original script is better than the one for dubbing which makes sense.


It is way too brutal to my taste. I tried to watch Parasite once. Even that movie was too hard for me to watch :sweat_smile:


[Parasite] was great, but sadly they went too deep into the ‘‘tragedy mode’’ and everything went downhill.

They should make a same story, but remove ALL the tragic part and just let a happy outcome like although rich ppl discover they are ‘‘fakes’’ since they helped their kids so much, they reward them by happily leaving them the mansion, and they live happily ever after.

I have seen American movies like that; so I know a new, happier version of [Parasite] is possible.

[Squid Game] I wished the end was that no one died, it was all making believe they got killed, and they all got a reward by playing and entertaining rich punks for their amusement. So they entertained them, and in return got the debt paid or whatever issue they had got resolved.


Parasite was a bit too much for me, too.


I am in so much agreement, we have so much violence around the world, and they “play” on peoples greed, what in the world!!! and if they lose they are killed? I have also seen so many comments about this show. no the drama isn’t for me, a matter of fact “what I have heard” has just about turned me away from Korean dramas altogether, yes it’s a thought.

I am surprised so many of you don’t like it. :relaxed: thought I was the only one, sorry
and my_ happy_place said it all! the wonderful Kdramas NF have released and will release some more in a few weeks,
and wonder how the actors are tolerating it?

hunger games was a good watch, but see, a “survival” is different than killing off people that don’t win. OH I think I do remember the Maze Runner, but didn’t watch it

like some of you said, violence is not for me. what lesson pray tell, being greedy, killing someone over a bunch of money, I win you lose, you are dead???

yeah Vivu, my young guys come and save me(heheheh) love my ahjussis(Lee Joon Gi and Yoo Seung Ho, come save my 2021!: sob:) and ahjummas and older-people romances. I just have different tastes :sweat_smile:

[ajumma2]Wait… you consider young’uns like Lee Joon Gi and Yoo Seung Ho Ahjussis!!! Talk about generation gap! lololol (yes I also am a senior citizen here

gotta watch Marcus on this one, well I think I have read enough, y’all have a great day, hope this didn’t depress you too much!!


I haven’t watched the series and I don’t plan on watching it, like I said before.
But I do like some of the extra content that Netflix is putting out :slight_smile:


Main thing is squid game is a new experimental drama by them. Many liked it and many didn’t. It depends on people’s taste.
If I like survivor shows I should see it. But, if I hate it I shouldn’t start to see at all. That’s the point.

If you don’t like Survivor shows don’t see the trailer too. :joy:


just watched one of those news things, yeah looks like a lot of good Kdramas coming on at NF



I’m glad I finally was able to watch it completely with my daughter so we can both( my daughter and I) discuss every aspect of the movie, and although I hated some parts bc they were so savagely violent, I was able to understand the underlying message of this story. I reserve to keep it to myself bc everybody’s views are different, and should be respected, and not questioned or debated.

I felt sorry for ALL of them bc they were victim of circumstances, and people’s malice, especially the rich and greedy businessman that although dying he still was ‘‘betting’’ till the end. My sincere apologies for not specifying that when you wrote ‘‘you felt sorry the most for the Korean Girl.’’ It was very sad that this young girl had to suffer so much and fell in the trap of the rich and greedy that were bored with their life and designed this sick, disgusting game, to entertained themselves.

I don’t know what good part/season 2 will do since the ML once again left his POOR child to the side the same way he left his mother who sacrificed Her life for him, and he wasn’t even with her in her dying moments. While He got to be next to that sick old man, the mom died all alone… she must have been wondering where he was at and worrying for him too, when she could it have a peaceful death having him by her side. That I bet; it was all she ever wanted.

PS. I’m starting to hate that word [BET] so much…:cry:


I’ve been enjoying watching those “hidden meanings of the blah blah blah in Squid Game” type of YouTube channels more than the actual drama itself! haha

There are also a lot of “theories” and maybe hint of who that old man really is and what his relationship with the ML might be, etc.


I always thought the old man was the ML father bc he was very close to age to his mother; the poor thing that died all alone, and they never mentioned in there that his father was dead. Also, why give him so much chances to live and not get his organs too? Just bc he had fun playing with him?

The Detective is obviously still alive. The bad guy, his brother, shot him way up in the shoulder, and I believe he had guys retrieving his body. He believed his brother gave him the kidney, and most likely it was from one of the sacrificed players. I ask myself, will he join that sick game, too?


The thing with the organs was only the unauthorized additional income of individual guards.


No, in a way, it wasn’t unauthorized. The VIP’s were aware some of the ‘‘guards and main hand of old man’’ were doing that. They just didn’t get the ‘‘money or wanted part of doing that.’’ I believe that’s how the Detective/officer got his kidney from one of the game victims.