Squid Game - Love it or hate it?


There seems to be a lot of hint hidden in the drama about that.

1. ML’s b-day is 4/26 when he was trying to use it as a Pin number for his mom’s credit card, and old man randomly says at one time, “What day is it?” And I think someone said 24th and the old man said his son’s b-day is coming up.
2. Mentioning of Lactose intolerance
3. Both having lived in a similar neighborhood
4. Special bond the ML and old man displays throughout the game.
There are more, but I’ll stop here.

Regarding the detective guy:

I think he is alive, too. But I am thinking that the ML and the detective may pretend to join, but secretly work together to end the game for good.

I took this part out of spoiler section, per @angelight313_168’s request. I guess it’s not really a spoiler because it’s just my own theory and speculation.

“Old man’s name is Oh Il Nam (a name for 1st boy), and ML’s mom’s name is Oh Mal Soon (a name for last girl), there’s a theory that the old man is mom’s younger brother, because in the olden days, if they had a lot of girls and no boys, they would name the last girl Mal Soon or Ggeuk soon (last girl/final girl), hoping that the next one would be a boy. So when the old man was born, they were happy and named him 1st boy. But maybe the old man had to give Gihun away to his sister to raise him as her own son for some reason. (This is my own theory. :wink: )That may explain why the old man says how he used to stand/hide behind tree to watch his son play when he was little. So when he was in the Gihun’s neighborhood visiting someone he knows, maybe he was visiting ML’s mother, who could be his sister.”


No, his older brother actually gave his kidney to save the detective before he got involved with the game. That’s why the detective was looking for a body that had only 1 kidney because his older brother is missing a kidney.


I don’t know, although my daughter feels the same way you do, I feel he got it from the dead gamers and not the brother.. I think season 2 will answer a lot of our questions since they left so many things in the air. lol


Yes, you are so right! it makes so much sense now; Otherwise, why would he joined that horrible group? not only he needed to save his brother by giving him a kidney, he also had to pay the Hospital bills. It explains now why he joined such a horrible group of people. To think I was wondering what made him join and become #1 right hand to the old man.

PS. That information you gave about the names is so important bc you learn so much from your explanation. Can you not blur it? I feel is a great way of learning about Korean names and I don’t consider it a spoiler (until the part you write But maybe the…

Amazing how Korean names mean something so meaningful, and I didn’t even know that…:frowning:


Hmm, that is an interesting thought. Below is also my speculation so I’m not sure if I should blur it or not. I’ll go ahead and blur it, since some spoilers are contained.

Remember that the Front Man was the winner of the game in 2015, so he should have won a lot of money. So why on earth would he join the game as the Front Man then? Although the detective thinks his older gave his kidney to him, what if his older brother’s blood type (or something else) did not match and he wasn’t eligible to be a donor? Maybe the detective was going to die, unless the older brother got the matching kidney from the guards illegally to give to his dying brother. That could explain why he joined the game as the Front Man.


I didn’t know front man won the 2015 game. I thought he was working there to repay the loan for his brother’s surgery. This has so many twist and turns and it still number 1 in US. My 22 year old son refuse to watch it completely although, he did saw the first episode. He calls it ‘‘lame.’’

Did you know that the loan sharks not only lend these ppl. the money to enslave them, but they also created the problem that made the ppl. to be forced to borrowed money? That admission by the old man did shocked me and made me so angry.



The only reason I would have to watch it would be to get a glimpse of Gong Yoo and Lee Byung-hun and they aren’t appearing in much of it.


@stardust2466_546 The only reason I would have to watch it
would be to get a glimpse of Gong Yoo and Lee Byung-hun

If all you want is a glimpse of Gong Yoo and Lee Byun Hun, you can do that, and it will be (imo), a little more than a glimpse. Their role is a very important part of Squid Game. Gong Yoo appears at the beginning and LBH mainly at the end episode. Enjoy!


Im a thriller lover, I really liked it.


It’s generating a lot of buzz, which can only be a good thing for the future of Kdrama and Korean cinematography in general.


Well, just watched it, think it was kinda mediocre, maybe even slightly lame. Can se the comparrison to Hunger Games. I don’t hate it nor do I love it, it’s just meh. I hoped it would have been more full of gore and more brutal. Also the main character immunity was obvious from episode 1 and the outcome predictable. The story was however good. I also liked the political issues, such as the gender discourse or the wealth-gap etc, it lifts up. The ending was for me dissapointing.


I knew you wouldn’t like it that much bc it does have so many flaws. The ending was very disappointing for me too, and the hair color at the end? got on my last nerve (and my daughter too) bc we see no purpose in him doing that. He looked awful. lol


I actually saw somewhere there’s a meaning behind his new hair color. The color red represents the game staff members who are in control over the players, and it is also the color of Ddakji that Gong Yoo used to win. So his new red hair color is supposed to represent that he will be the ultimate winner or something like that. But who knows what the writer/director was really thinking!



It makes a lot of sense now since we didn’t connect that hair color to what I also believe is part of the part 2 scheme ‘‘coming soon’’ according to what I read in an article. They are supposedly filming part 2 already.


I didn’t react to the hair color that much. Probably because it’s what to expect from a ‘Korean’. Where I’m from men don’t tend to do makeup and women don’t do that much beyond what would be obviously noticable. In essence, you don’t ‘brag’, while in Korea it seem the opposite, if you have money, you buy expensive cloth, cars, hairstyles etc. So it’s became normal whatsing kdrama. However, what I do tend to notice is how ‘slime-y’ the hair is, that is it reflecta light from all the gel/vax used, and was happy it wasn’t. :smiley:

The decision he made was more the thing at the end that made it go on my nerves, so cliche and predictable.


The decision he made was more the thing at the end that made it go on my nerves, so cliche and predictable

.My daughter and I didn’t expect that at all. But my daughter is the first time she watched a Korean drama and I believe will be the last one she will ever watch bc she didn’t find what’s all the hype about it. I didn’t feel he had the guts, so it was unpredictable to me; for him to do that.

If anything, in my opinion he’s going to his death sentence bc the old man kept him alive, and he doesn’t have the ‘‘savior’’ around anymore. I wished he at least had seen his daughter, and give her the gift ‘’(part of his millions)’’ first, and make the decision to fight them afterwards.


Dalgona-Hype … LOL


The move felt a bit Katniss Everdeen before, was it the 75th games. Felt like I had seen that move before.


I honestly haven’t seen before any Asian/American games dramas/movies, and just recently saw 3 in a row. ‘‘I can say they are not my cup of tea.’’ I do skip some parts and walk away when the scene is too strong for my stomach/nerves. I can say I see parts, but not ‘‘completely.’’

Hunger Games-US
Alice in Borderland- JAPAN
Squid Game- South Korea

I doubt China will follow suit and make one.


That’s too bad that Squid Game was your daughter’s first Korean drama. There are so many other great ones that she may have enjoyed more.