Subathon 2021


I don’t know how many subathons viki conducts in a year. When can I expect a subathon this year? I really want to participate in it and get a bagde.
If you have any idea please share it here.
Padma :heart:


Hi Padma, this was last years statement from Viki.
Don’t know about this year, though.

@jeslynl Any plans on hand?


It would be nice to have one since there are so many projects! What do you think?? :pray:


I have never participated in something like that so it would be great to have such opportunity! I’m also waiting, if the viki decides to organise them again.


bumping the post, perhaps staff will read it :pray:


Thanks :blush::blush: @simi11


They already read it because we tagged them and probably they are not ready to react or reply to this.


Sad :frowning: I’m kind of looking forward to another subathon


I guess it might be the same problem as last time it is too much manual work and with the increasing numbers of viewers they just lack the man power, and maybe they are looking for a way to give us some other candy aka badges.


What do you mean by that?


I just meant that they had one in 2020 so having one this year would be fun :smiley:


Oh yes yes! I thought you are talking about fall or winter subathon
I read about fall, winter and summer.
Atleast one would make everyone who want to participate :grin: happy.


Bumping, hope we get a subathon this year.


Bumping it again.


Люблю смотреть дорамы. Особенно корейские. Но к сожалению на русском языке их немного. Приходится искать на сторонних сайтах что бы смотреть… Тоже хотелось бы поучаствовать в проекте. Но везде нужны люди с опытом, к сожалению…


Can I ask what Subathon is?:blush::blush:


It’s like a marathon, but instead of running certain miles or kilometers you write a certain amount of subtitles or create a certain amount of segments within a specific period of time given by Viki. And if you accomplish the goal you receive a cute badge by Viki. :blush:

Viki has to make that offer as they do the counting and you have to register if you participate.

@jeslynl will Viki bless us with a Subathon before the year’s end??? :pray::pray::pray:




Oops! It’s October already but no news yet.


Well, anyone ever tried a request, it feels like I am back at school - you know, you need to follow the rules - Viki no longer communicates here with us, only informs us about certain matters, if we want to know something, we must go to HC openly ask there or make a request. And - no, they are not telling us this openly here, they just more or less disappear on us, and we need to ask again …

P.S. - You might better add the question about a subathon for 2022 as well, with the speed at the moment, better ask now. :wink: