Subathon 2021


yeah, I noticed their absence here on discussions… it’s kinda sad, that they are leaving us, but I don’t know if they struggle internally with what ever they are facing, perhaps not enough employees for the ever growing company… :disappointed_relieved::hushed:


I can’t change the name of this thread.


Changing the thread’s name is only possible for a few days - I think it is 6 days, but I am not sure, after that only a Viki staffer has the “ability” to change them, in the past people with regular status could do too, but there was a quarrel, about someone doing it - and well after that regulars got deprived of that option.

Why do you want to change it? It’s okay, if an actual Subathon 2022 is coming up, then it is still early enough to talk about it. I don’t think there will be one any time soon. With some old staff gone, and they got some new ones, they must be trained and get into the “Viki flow of things”, well I guess that community service is even more busy than before.


6 days???
Then what about the topics posted by CM s regarding team members recruitment?
Will they be open forever, creating hope for closed positions.


Only Viki Staff can change, so if a change is really needed (since Viki staff are almost invisible here) - you will need to write a request at the HC. It is the same if you want to be a thread to be deleted, you need to contact Viki staff as well, since you can’t delete topics on your own.


For every little problem, we have to file a ticket…


Either that or we live with it as it is. That’s why I said the last time I feel like I am back in school, when you get told, you have to do it that way. And when you asked - why? You got the answer - because!
If you want to start a new thread do it you can write a comment in this old one if you want to end it with the link to the new one, this way you could bypass writing another request. It is the weekend now, so nothing will happen anyway, think about what you want or is needed and then make your choice.


I’ll better ask about subathon 2022 directly, in the help center.


You can still edit the messages themselves I think, and you can close a topic if the team’s no longer recruiting, right?


It’s only possible for 30 days.
And I don’t know about topic names.


You mean to edit the comments - it is the same time limit as with the header, I don’t recall for now, if the time will start at zero, when you change something, but at one point you can no longer change anything.

Edit: Comment time limits for change “might” vary with your Discussions status, but I am really not sure about it, I just tried, and I can edit a normal comment, even it is older than 30 days.

How do you think you can close a topic?


How can I convince myself Viki isn’t going to conduct a Subathon this year! :slightly_smiling_face: