Subbing written as 95% even though it's 100%

I have a problem. on a song I’ve subbed it keeps writing 95% done on both the locking subs page and on the viewing page, but on the subtitler editor it says 100% and it’s been like that for over a month (and every segment is subbed I triple checked). Does anybody know why it happens or if there is something I can do to fix it?

Well, sometimes it can’t catch all the subtitles, because they are right in the cut between the parts. Try to check the bulk translation when you are done with an episode and compare the number of segments with the number of subtitles. If the number is not the same you might want to check for forgotten subtitles (in the bulk translation, not in the editor). If that’s not the problem, then it might be a bug and you should probably report it to the help center.