Subtitle Count Glitch

Is there a glitch with the subtitle counter on profiles? Mine isn’t adding up correctly. I just subbed a few parts and the counter stayed the same. Not sure if it will be resolved soon, but I was wondering if anyone else saw this on their profiles.

Thank you for your replies!

They don’t add on immediately, you have to refresh a couple of times or wait for the system to process, not sure if there is other bug in the counter but as far as I know that is what normally happens.

Oh okay. My counter usually updates right away that’s why I was wondering if it was a glitch. I will have to see if it updates later. Thank you! xD

You are not alone. I’m having the same problem.
If it’s still acting up tomorrow morning, I’ll send off a note to the help desk.

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Yep, is probably a bug I think they are making so many things in the website that problems are bound to happen. If that doesn’t get fix by tomorrow let;s all send a message to the help desk.

My subtitle counter isn’t working either. I’ve waited a day before checking it again, but the subtitles I wrote, still haven’t been added. I’ll send a message to helpdesk. Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon!

I’ve noticed that it takes quite awhile, sometimes as much as 15 minutes, for mine to update.

My count hasn’t moved at all for a few days now.

15 hours later and it still hasn’t changed for me. I think it really is a bug. If it doesn’t change by tonight, I am sending a note to the help desk.

I just checked and same here, I already send a report, but please you do the same do they know is not only 1 person.

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I sent a report as well ^^


Thanks everyone! Mine still hasn’t changed. So I am sending a report. Hopefully it can get fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Ok I got an answer from Viki support they need that me to send this info, you guys can send this too to them added to the report issue.

  • when you were subtitling, were you using Flash Player or HTML5?
  • what shows & episodes did you subtitle (that aren’t appearing)?
  • what browser did you use to subtitle?
  • do the numbers appear under Volunteer Projects in your profile?
  • do the numbers appear under your profile picture?
  • how long ago did you finish subtitling?

Thanks Niennavalar! I haven’t gotten a reply yet but I did send in the info you listed. If anyone’s counter gets fixed please post it here!

I haven’t received an answer from Viki support yet, but I just checked my subtitle count, and my subs have been added to the subtitle counter. :slight_smile:
So I guess the problem has been fixed for me. ^^

edit: I just wrote a few subtitles, and they were immediately added this time. So it’s definitely fixed now.
In case the viki-staff checks this discussion. Thank you for you hard work! :slight_smile:

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Mine seems to be fixed as well.

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Yay! Mine has been fixed too! They really work fast. Thank you to the viki-staff in case they see this discussion. xD

Yes, they send me the message that the problem was fixed! :smiley:

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That is great @Niennavalar ! :slight_smile:

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