Subtitle Lock for Team Members

This probably sounds stupid, so I apologize ahead of time.

I was wondering if there’s a function that lets the Channel Manager assign designated Subtitlers and Segmenters so that only they can sub and not anyone who stumbles into the channel. I’ve been looking everywhere and there seem to be lots of talk about it, but no one with real answers.

Thanks so much!

I’m pretty sure that you can lock the segment timer now so only designated segmenters can have access to it. Those who have PS (Power Segmenter) status usually can gain access too although they might not be the designated segmenters for the channel.
To lock segment timer: Click either Subtile Editor or Segment Timer, then once you’re in, drag your mouse to the ‘More’ tab (the last tab on the right side). It will open its sub menu, click ‘Manage Video’. When you’re in, click the ‘Segment Lock’.

For licensed channels, usually you need to add your subber’s usernames so they can have access to subtitle editor. How to add: click ‘Manage Channel’, then click the ‘Team’ tab. Then you can add your subbers there.


You have some PS segmenters on Marry Me! channel - I assumed you’re talking about this channel and I read that you will erase every thing if people didn’t contact you first. While you are right about they need to contact you first, it would be a pity if you erase all their segments because they usually are experienced segmenters and can cut very well. I suggest, instead of straight away delete the segments, try to talk to them first. Who knows, you can gain some good segmenters for your channel. All the best!! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, Tasya!

My problem is… I’ve noticed people who subbed without their usernames on my channel, yet it’s licensed. For instance, one of the subbers I know I added on, but it was after the fact that she already started subbing.

Also, it seems like the other licensed channels I visit where I’m not on the team can also let me change the subtitles (a maneuver to test my logic).

Is it only me or does this happen to all the channels? I’ve noticed that apparently on-air channels can have this designated subbers capability. Is it only for the on-air channels, and not all licensed or all channels across the board?

Thanks so much!

I have non on-air channels though licensed and my subbers still needed to be added before they can have access to subtitle editor. Maybe you should ask the viki staff, perhaps it’s just a bug on your channel that they need to fix?

Thanks for the update/PS!

Yeah… I know. Thankfully, most episodes haven’t been segmented yet in the first place so I didn’t need to do anything about it at all, period. Just as a precaution…

Thanks for the advice!!

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Ahh. I see. Maybe I’ll ask them as well.

Thanks so much!!! Seriously!! :smile:

You’re welcome :wink:

If someone did that, just send a PM to the person. Either invite the person to join the team, or ask the person to leave. :slight_smile:

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True that. Yup! Sounds good!

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I think I’ve had the same problem as you, where the Channel is Not an On-Air channel and is Licensed, but it is still open to Everyone. Even with the new Designated Subtitlers and Segmenters feature it didn’t apply to my Channel. I had to PM Viki to ask them to Lock the Channel…

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Ahhhh. Thanks! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. I’ll PM them to Lock my Channel. Many thanks! :smile:

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