Subtitles that are too hard to read


Sometimes, I watched a show with a really great English subtitles. It’s not because they use easy language, but they were segmenting and subtitling properly. For me, there should be two lines (
) if the subtitles are too long. But, most of the shows I watched just neglect the lines for that, and as a result, the subs are all over from the bottom left of my screen to the bottom right of my screen and this makes my eyes hurt…, Some of the good eng subs segmenting and subtitling is a K-drama series called “Watcher”.


So, you’re basically talking about using breaks (< br >) which would break the sub into two rows?

Here are some basic rules imposed to render the subtitles acceptably on various platforms:

Everything asides from what’s written there is subjective and varies from one project (drama) to the next.

A few years back we were told not to use the breaks at all (or very rarely) due to some technical difficulties. But that has been solved by now, it seems.


I don’t really use them, only between sentences, so if two people are talking, I will see if it is necessary with some sentences, but because I sub in dutch, it can sometimes be the case without the < br > the sentence fits on one line, while the English sentence is on two lines so that < br > was necessary, and that is why I do not really use them, but i will use them if the sentence is really loooong… but only then, because otherwise I just find it a bit unnecessary, because sometimes when I translate it and put the < br > in it sometimes happens that it takes up three lines, and sometimes without just two lines, so it’s really weird sometimes. that it is in English subs, but that in another language it is more senseless, because the sentence itself is too short for a < br > in the middle of a sentence.
I hope this is understandable.
but I understand what you mean, I would find that a bit annoying too, but I can not always see if it is really long sentences on my laptop, and I have only come across it in one show where I am the Dutch moderator, and I just look at the end of the subbing which sentences really need it and which do not when an episode is fully translated.